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I'm currently working through Mary Kate McDevitt's book The Hand Lettering Ledger which has been greatly beneficial to my craftsmanship and has taught me a lot through examples and tips. The most important way to learn for me is to practice lettering and to do so a lot. Then I look at examples for inspiration, both online and in the world around me, and ...


My favourite way is thru MyAirBridge (www.myairbridge.com). It is great and simple to use service with which you can send up to 20 GB for free and even up to 100 GB with profile.


You can use any of the following Wetransfer.com Google Drive Dropbox Finally if you have a personal website, you can upload directly to you FTP and send a link


You can pretty much up and download it everywhere you want. Just google "file sharing" and you'll get thousands of websites you can choose from I personally use wwe.mega.nz for big files because its one of the only file sharing websites that don't limit the speed


I didn't see anyone mention this service so I present to you Copy. It's more or less like Dropbox with a free plan: 15GB of cloud storage 1 user No maximum file size limit 30 day file revision history 30 day file recovery Sync desktop files Mobile app access I was happy to see that you can sync a folder with another user and split the size on your ...


To share files online you can try hightail.com; the person receiving the file doesn't need an account, it's less annoying than dropbox and hasn't been hacked yet. There's a free plan too for smaller files up to 250mb. Or upload your files by FTP in your hosting (if you have one) and share the url. Make sure to make that folder not accessible.


I've found that instead of trying to send the .psd itself, it'd be best to upload it to a cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive by Microsoft, etc - the three I use because they're simple and mostly free), and send a link to the file. Emailing .psd files can take a while, much like sending a large PDF. Only thing I haven't figured out is how to password ...

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