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Check out www.graphicriver.com I found a couple bike templates that might work for you there, though you will probably be better off trying to create your own. http://graphicriver.net/item/realistic-bike-mock-up/8012834?WT.oss_phrase=Bike%20mock&WT.oss_rank=2&WT.z_author=zlatkosan1&WT.ac=search_thumb


You would likely need a rear feed printer but I would use caution because you may break the printer or destroy the material. The material I would test with is known as styrene. If you don't have the printer I would consider contacting your local sign shop and ask them if they can do flatbed printing if the print is to be in full color. The flatbed ...


Nekoosa Coated Products has a plastic sheet specifically for laser printing. http://www.nekoosacoated.com/Products/Dry-Toner-Laser/Thermanent.aspx

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