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I don't have any resource to suggest you but planning this kind of work should be similar to planning an app or a dynamic website. From what I understand, you'd like to know how you can show to your superior a nice "proof" or first draft of your interface to give them a feel of the process and how it will work. The plan First step will be to make a plan ...


A way to get a "resource" for the design is just looking at other examples (movies, designers, video games, etc...) then you can try to sketch it on paper and see how it looks,try to use max 3 colors since it's a HUD, in my experience it's the best way to get something done. First: analyze all the elements that a HUD requires Second: find the idea see ...


This is an old link but in case anyone is still looking, www.episcura.com is a nice royalty free texture site that has lots of seamless images, HDRI and some stock photography as well. Worth checking out.


I am not sure about resources, I think that graphics are one thing, but to create an actual GUI is probably on yourself, isn't it? You know what you want the result to be, as long as you can draw it on a napkin in pencil, anyone who is a graphic designer can color it up for you and make it look good, if they are skilled.

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