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In the color guide panel select the options on the Top right corner of the window and select CMYK from the pop up menu.


This is likely how the developers intended Affinity Designer to work. JPEG and PNG are intended for web-based images where CMYK is not likely to be useful. You can export as TIFF in CMYK though. Finally, you can always contact the developers of Affinity Designer and ask if they'll build in support for exporting CMYK PNGs and JPEGs.


I have seen this book in an exhibition in Brussels, It's offset inside and airbrush on the sides and the cover. Just by looking at the pictures, you can tell that the colors on the borders of the pages a far more saturated than the colors inside. Anyway, there is simply not any printing process that can reprocude all the gamut of even sRGB, or Adobe RGB. ...

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