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There isn't a formula, but there are some well-tested design guidelines. Two colors that have similar (greyscale) tonal values will not have sufficient contrast to be easily read. Colors which are opposite one another on the color wheel (complementary colors such as red and green, to take your example) tend to "glare" when placed in immediate proximity, so ...


if you are trying to save a psd file with spot colors you will have to create them in a channel and then save the file as a dcs format to be able to transfer the color info to other programs such as indesign or quarkXpress or illustrator


How do I know how dark a color will print in black and white? I've recently been looking into how to obtain a measure of a colour's perceived brightness, for similar reasons, although I'm interested in on-screen rather than paper viewing. Here are some things I found: HSB It is easy to transform an RGB value like the ones in your question to an HSB ...

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