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Given that no two office printers will be calibrated to each other, it really doesn't matter.


You usually only really need to worry about CMYK if you are preparing your files on a commercial print press (with few exceptions) . Most office printers are designed to work with RGB, Also some photo prints have more than 4 inks, giving them a wider color gamut than CMYK. So if you convert your file to CMYK before you send it to a photo printer with more ...


Most regular office or home inkjet printers expect RGB files. If you send them a CMYK file, they will convert it to RGB then back to whatever internal flavour of CMYK they use for printing. This of course all depends on the printer drivers, settings, color profiles used, specific printer etc. If you know for certain that these files are going to printed ...


Refer to a richer black in CMYK as C50% M40% Y40% K 100% try this to compensate for a rich blk.


So basically, "float" means that it stores a significand and a base exponent. A "standard" 32-bit float uses 1 bit for sign, 8 bits for exponent and 23 bits for signifcand. The key here is that the scale (the exponent) is stored with the number. "Fixed" is stored hi-word/low-word "packed". A 32-bit fixed point is probably going to be a 16 bit integer before ...


This is to be expected Floating point color is not something you should be using unless you have floating point data sources. High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are a advanced imaging concept, right up there with the fact that human color perception is relative. The short answer is that this will not work out for you. The long answer is that HDR color can ...


Notice the major difference in the HSB values in your second image compared to the first. If you click on the radio button next to the RGB this may alter the color as the saturation level between the two images you show is different.


Don't use 32-bits colors, 32-bits in Photoshop is different: Remember, 32-bits not: Makes quality better (it's the same quality as 8 and 16 bits) Increase colors quantity Improve transparency quality The only advantage of 32-bits colors is the accuracy of gradients (gradients is more perfect than 16 or 8 bits) Photoshop uses 32-bits different from ...

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