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First of all, what everyone else is saying is correct, you really should have different assets for print and web. However, depending on your desired print results you may be able to do what you want. As a general rule, 300PPI at your desired size is an acceptable resolution, it could be double that for high-end products or half that may be acceptable for ...


In this day of 1TB (and larger) external drives for less than $100, not to mention all the cloud space/dropbox etc. available, there's absolutely no reason not to have at least two versions of every image. Especially when most web images will (and should) be under 100kb.


The cost of disk space is insignificant if you value your work. Buy an external hard drive, save your RAW files. If you really adjusted your RAW files export your JPG at the original resolution. Use theese for print. Use very little compression, maximum quality. Make a batch action on photoshop or whatever program you have to make a copy at lower size, ...


I think you can use "Generate Assets" (Avaible in Photoshop CC) Visit Adobe Page

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