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Are you talking about using graphic elements in other projects? If so, then yes. • Download the pre-designed GUI elements. • Save your GUI elements as a Photoshop document (PSD) and drag said PSD file into your new projects.


For PC the keyboard shortcut is: Control+S to save, or shift+Control+S to save as a new file (thus keeping the original file) For Mac the keyboard shortcut is: Command+S to save, or shift+Command+S to save as a new file (thus keeping the original file) The other way you can save it is the File at the top of the screen. If the file menu is not showing up, ...


You can always hit Control / Option+S to save, or shift+Control / Option+S ( to do Save as... )


I believe bmp only supports 8 bit RGB (24bit images) Things can get confusing when dealing with the word "bit" at times. By Adobe definitions..... 8 bit RGB = 24bit image (8 bits R, 8 bits G, 8 bits B = 24). 16 bit RGB = 48bit image (16 bits R, 16 bits G, 16 bits B = 48). Using these numbers, standard RGB images are referred to as 8 or 24 bit. 16 bit ...

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