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I'm not sure how you built the .ai file, but I usually download an icon or create outlines on a piece of art and text. What you do is select the artwork and copy it, then open a new document, set the artboard to what you want it to be, then paste in place. The svg will have a viewport and a viewbox with 0 for the x, y coordinates.


This is probably a font embedding problem. Outline your text before saving as Illustrator 10. And try to save as different formats, like PDF or dwg, for your supplier to open in Illustrator 10. If it is not a font problem, or you already outlined, try playing with Pathfinder to break up the grouping of the shapes, which should also help with rebuilding the ...


You appear to be using a legacy version of Illustrator. In Illustrator CC you can highlight embedded images in the Links Panel and choose Unembed... fromt eh Links Panel Menu which will bring up the Save As dialog window allowing you to save the image separately. If the image is indeed a link, you would highlight it in the Links Panel and choose Edit ...


You can’t export linked images in AI. The linked window only shows a summary which lists all thumbnails that I linked in your AI document. In case the original image exist on your computer, try the palette option: „Edit the original“ which opens the original image file in an image editing program.

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