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There's no way to make InDesign do it. But there's plenty of ways to make the Finder/Explorer do it. Hazel on the Mac and Belvedere on Windows, for instance, can fix this problem for you, by automatically copying the file at certain intervals to a new folder and giving it a timestamp.


1) The facts The reason you have a higher settings than 10/12 is becouse 12/12 is a higher setting. Here are some compression tests following my methodology explained here (In spanish, please use google translate if needed): http://otake.com.mx/Apuntes/PruebasDeCompresion2/1-CompresionJpgProceso.htm a) Using the compression (save as) 12/12 you have a ...


Apparently it is a relic from the days of experimentation in the Adobe labs. It is not recommended to use higher than 10 on that scale, it may actually lower the quality of the image or substantially bloat the file size. It would be a welcome change if Adobe removed that experimental extension of the scale.


If you really are sensitive to the quality then you should avoid jpeg. You allready lost quality when the original image was saved as jpeg, nothing brings this quality back. In general you should avoid saving your documents out to jpeg unless your shipping the images off somewhere in their final form. Its hard to say wether the quality suffers much at all, ...


Ensure that your colour profile is set to RGB, you cannot save a CMYK doc as a .png file and therefore will not get the option in your dropdown menu when saving. (Click Image > Mode to do this) You may have made a document with a bit/channel in excess of 16bit png will not support this. See this site for more details on png specifications. ...There is also ...


Files saved in Illustrator CC are not 100% compatible with earlier versions like CS6. Losing layers is the most common problem, so I'm pretty sure this is what caused yours. If you want to back save an Illustrator CC file to CS6 without losing layers, you can follow these simple steps: Select 'Save As' (choose type Adobe Illustrator (*.AI) Open the ...

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