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Choose File > Save As, and then choose Photoshop PDF Here's a Youtube Tutorial How to Save as PDF in Photoshop


Change the resolution when you create new photo.. select pixel for height and width.. When you create a new image use this as a default.. File -> New -> With: 450 pixel, height: 450 pixel, resolution: 72 pixel/inch, color mode: RGB color 8 bit


Go to File > Export from Illustrator and choose "PSD" as your file type.


You can probably use the export script to do what you want, but from your use-case I would judge that mass-renaming is better suited for you. Because renaming, even complex exchange of words, can be automated, for example with app like NameChanger. Examples from the website: Replace First Occurrence Replace Last Occurrence Replace All ...


Another option is Markzware's MarkzTools for InDesign. This plugin works in CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 and allows the user to simply open higher versioned InDesign files in lower versions of the application. Also, Adobe just released a new update, for CS6 SUBSCRIPTION-users only, which can allow InDesign CS6 people to open CC/CC2014 documents. The Markzware solution ...


You can change the image dimensions, i.e. pixels, while you maintain the resolution. That will definitely reduce the file size while still maintaining the quality pf the photo.


There are merely on screen anti-aliasing areas. Save the art for the web using the Art Optimized anti-alias setting and they won't show. Print the art and they won't show. These only happen on screen. An easy fix is to just put a filled rectangle or something behind the artwork. If you place a black shape behind that image, all those on screen hairlines ...

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