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dpi comes into play when printing. It stands for dots per inch. In your example, at 200 dpi and 500x500 pixels, the resulting image would print at 2.5x2.5 inches. (500/200 = 2.5) When just saving a file (not printing) there are no physical dimension, just pixel dimensions. So dpi is not relevant without a physical dimension involved.


That's very strange. My first question is, you only saved it as a PDF from Illustrator, not an .ai or .eps? Curious as to why you'd do that. That said, one possible solution is to open your current file in Acrobat, then re-save it as a copy (using a new name). Then try to open that PDF in Illustrator. I'd assume since it looks correct/current in Acrobat, ...


If you are exporting SVGs here is a super easy way: Copy the shape you wish to export to the clipboard. Open Terminal Type pbpaste > someFileName.svg Your SVG will be ready to go in whatever directory you'd like. Bonus step Download SVGO and compress your SVG with svgo someFileName.svg

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