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You automate this with scripting, not actions, because you will need variables. You can just loop through the Layers panel and export everything. You can write scripts in AppleScript or JavaScript. Adobe Photoshop Scripting


@Paul, resizing and moving seems to have corrected the issue. I've been seeing that huge window for months it seems, I always resized it, never tried to move it. Any thoughts why that has registers a change?


Sorry, ID doesn't work that way; it's not like Photoshop. If you open the CS5 document in any later version of the program, it will convert it. You don't have the option to save an earlier InDesign file; you can only save as an IDML. If you don't want multiple documents, then either don't work on it in CS6, or save the IDML in CS5 immediately when you get ...

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