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You file is probably too large. I had the same problem: the resolution was over 25000 x 30000. Reduce the file's dimensions, then you can save in *.jpeg.


What I've done after reading this was create any text into outlines. Box select "logo Text" Right click and say "Create Outlines" or Edit > Object > create outlines. This will allow any Export optimized for Art. However I was using this for a logo that will be printed, and not just web use. However I imagine it will be much of the same.


I recently read here that you can save at jpg compression 31 using double the dimensions that you need, then display it on your webpage at half those dimensions and it will look good. So if you want your photo to display at 200px by 200px, you save it at 400px by 400px at 31 quality, and set your image size in your CSS or HTML to be 200px by 200px. This ...


Probably, you would like this way click on menu item Object->Artboards->Fit to Artwork Bounds and after that File->Save As... PDF as usual. If you want artboard size back - just press Command-Z or if you on Win Control-Z after saving. The same result you can achieve by pressing Shift-O (or clicking on the artboard icon) and choosing the option as on the ...

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