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Resizing Images in Photoshop/Paint or any image editor but not In power point directly would reserve a good quality of the image and not to be fuzzy. Also to note That resizing images t lower resolutions like from 400px to 200px doesn't waste the quality but what is visible the other way around does waste. Maybe you have a very high resolution Try The ...


No, unfortunately images do not retain quality if you decrease the scale. Best practice is to not amend the scale in the first place, and use the original unaltered images in your PP presentation, without scaling them in photoshop or whatever program you use.


I donot know how to scale.But you try press alt+shift then scale your object. Or You can re-install illustrator. Thanks


You you need to change the output save pattern from 's/svg$/filename.svg/' to 's/svg$/png/', and you enter the width and height that you want as the pixel values. for i in *; do rsvg-convert $i -w 64-h 64 -f png -o echo $i | sed -e 's/svg$/png/'; done

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