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If you're looking at the left side wood grains and how those disappear, your best bet is retracing those on the sketch itself. If the sketch is not available, or you just really refuse to do it, back off the contrast and zoom in and use your favorite tools to cut out or trace them by hand in-program.


I dug a little deeper I really want to provide you with the most accurate answer. The Scan should be at 12000 x 29700 pixels. How did I come up with this number... Well I'll provide the math really simply and then if you really want to delve deep follow this link to All About Digital Photography.Take your final dimentions 1m x 2.5m and the printer output of ...


Are you scanning your sketches? Your scanner may be able to reduce some of the extraneous noise and provide you with clean line art. Failing that, I'd recommend using a Levels adjustment layer. I was able to do this in a few minutes with levels and a quick mask with the magnetic lasso:

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