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It is used in flow-charting or process mapping and it indicates a reference document, visio, powerpoint MS word etc.


Perhaps this answer is too simplistic...?


Its a break, and has many forms. It comes form the drafting standards. For example were you to draw a shaft it might be uninteresting to see the 1000 mm of similar shaft, so to conserve paper you can indicate that the line or shape has been broken into pieces. Image 1: Variations on a theme the bottom right one needs a change to dimension line as well, ...


Looking it up from a CAD / Architecture perspective it can be found referred to as Break Point or Break Line. The Alphabet of Lines (PDF) has it as Break Lines: Note the jagged break line to indicate that this is only part of the object. In technical drawings it is as I tried to describe in comments depicted like this via Lines (pdf) though they ...

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