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In case you still need it, here's a step-by-step tutorial my partner and I have on our website (with screenshots) that explains how to place your app screenshot inside a frame: http://blog.appdemostore.com/2014/10/how-to-add-your-screenshot-to-phone.html. Basically, here's how to do it: 1. Open your Adobe Photoshop CS6. From the top menu, select File —> ...


When I am creating training materials, I use screen shots. If I want to demonstrate flow of a page or specific interactivity, I create a prototype. I have often found that in the initial stages of a project using generic b/w wireframe using either Arial or Geneva are the best way to go. That way my client or colleague can focus on the big picture. When ...


If the screen shots are there to assist a user in using the app, then they should be literal screen shots. Making them wireframes just adds another layer of translation the user has to do.


Wireframes are used for the purpose of illustrating user flow, storyline and basic foundation of each page i.e. image placeholders, text placeholders, etc.... It gives an initial foundation and shape to the project...it captures basic elements of the project ahead...what the basic layout of each page, how many clicks it takes a user to perform a task. From ...

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