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An alternative approach could be: On the first page, use "Advanced Select All" (Ctrl + Alt + A). Under the "Page" menu, select "Manage page properties". Uncheck "move objects with their page" and change the orientation to "Landscape". Press F2 to open up the object properties. Under "Geometry", set the basepoint to the center, and rotation to 180 degrees. ...


I do not know how to do that with scribus, but I have found out how to post-process the pdf. If in.pdf is the PDF exported with scribus: sudo apt-get install pdftk pdftk in.pdf cat 1S 2 output out.pdf That command will take the first page and rotate it 180 degrees, and take the second page as-is.


For sending a document to be printed, don't use PNG as the export format. There are three reasons for this: A printing press uses CMYK, and PNG is an RGB-only format. If your document contains text, that text will be rasterized and will print at the resolution of your PNG (perhaps 300 ppi) instead of the 2800 dpi at which live text or vector information is ...


As others have noted, white = paper in the print world unless you request it to be otherwise. When using a specialty stock, it is often useful to have a reference background while designing and during the early in-house proofing process. For this purpose, I create a separate layer below all artwork that contains a scan of the stock or a representative ...


If you are printing in CMYK (which most of the time you will) you will note that there is no 'white ink'. In other words, whatever is white in your file is 'transparent' when it goes to press. So what is white on your document will be 'the paper'.


I don't believe that the option exists as print-layout software is focused on laying ink on paper. Since "white" is the absence of ink, it acts as a transparent background. Keep on mind that unless you are laying a base of ink as a spot color on top of your specialty paper, you will not have any "white" areas in your print. In fact all non-black colors will ...

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