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Convert to work path is simply the wrong tool here. Pixel data to path data conversion is not a perfect process. Its a image trace which is also known as a curve fitting. Expecting it to be perfect is the problem here. Use shape tools instead of converting from selections.


Create a square. Create a semicircle with the same diameter: Create a circle. Move the round control in the circle tool to make it a semicircle, with the straight side being perfectly horizontal and facing downwards. Select your square, copy, select your semicircle, edit → paste size → paste width. Be sure to have the proportion lock activated (the ...


I would go about it as follows (more of a visual then a geometrical approach): 1) using the bézier tool, draw a triangular shape as shown below with the left line perfectly vertical (use Ctrl while drawing) 2) Menu Edit > Clone > Create Clone, then with selection tool enabled, flip the clone horizontally (using the icon in the tool options above) and ...


When shrinking raster shapes (or pixel-based selections), Photoshop makes its best guess with what to do with the parts of the selection that are straddling 2 pixels. Unfortunately there's no data in a raster selection that says, "Hey, I'm an ellipse, keep me a perfectly smooth ellipse." If instead you used vector shapes, duplicated them and then scaled ...


I'd say you just need to subtract another shape. Add or draw a shape in the same shape layer and subtract it from the front. So it goes from something like this: To this: If you want you can then use that little menu again and Merge Shape Components to leave you with a single shape again.


One more method a bit similar to what Wrzlprmft posted is as follows: Draw a square (hold Shift+Ctrl while dragging rectangle tool) of 100 units and a semicircle (hold Shift+Ctrl using ellipse tool) of 100 unit width. Using Align tool place the semicircle on one end of the square. Similarly duplicate the semicircle and place it on the adjacent side of the ...

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