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Make sure there is not simply another object in front of your shape. Raise to top to see if that's the case Make sure it actually has a fill and/or stroke Make sure the opacity of fill and stroke is not 0 If the stroke/fill color is a gradient, make sure that it does not end outside of the shape Make sure the layer is visible Make sure the layer ...


Click Polygon On top of Screen set to 8 sides, choose a stroke, and leave fill empty: Draw your shape Use the Direct Select to tap the Top Line, hit Delete


You can do this using the Pathfinder: Select all of the shapes (white and black). In the Pathfinder palette, press Divide. Select the circle and Ungroup. Select the white circles and press Delete. NOTE: Always do something like this on a copy of the original version... in case you make a mistake.


You can get a somewhat decent effect by using a pattern brush and the width tool. Draw a unit cell, and draw a no-fill-no-stroke rectangle around it: Select all of this and drag it into the Brushes palette. Choose Pattern Brush in the popup that appears: In the popup that appears after that, choose OK. Draw your stroke. Apply the Pattern Brush to the ...


You could use Smooth tool. It could help you to get rid of most of the unwanted anchor points The Smooth Tool lets you go back and slightly modify a selected Path by drawing over it. here's the demonstration:-


Use the Live Paint Bucket Tool -- select all, pick a color, grab the Live Paint Bucket Tool and click where you want fills. More information can be found via Adobe TV tutorials: https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/how-to/illustrator-live-paint.html

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