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Select the path you want to edit. Use the Scissors tool and click on the path at both ends of the gap you'd like to create. Then use the Selection tool (black arrow tool) to click the portion to remove and click delete. Before After Tip: Adding guides to the document to help guide you on where to apply the Scissors is a good idea, too, but not ...


This is a problem with inDesign that many users suffer from! Here is a detailed tutorial on how to fix this issue so that the dimensions are measured just like illustrator. http://www.nineteenfortyone.com/2011/05/indesign-dimensions-include-stroke-weight/ The trick is to set the "Dimensions include Stroke Weight" setting within the software.


First draw your shape as one object. Then grab the pen tool again and draw a center line from the left end point to the right end point. Select both the shape and the path in the middle and go to the stroke options. Make sure the stroke is center align. I picked 4 pt black stroke for my example. What that looks like I then went to expand appearance. ...


Open Object > Align and Distribute… tab. Select the upper shape, then the lower shape (with Shift key stroked so that both are selected). Set "Relative to" to "Last selected" in the "Align and Distribute…" tab. Finally, click on ("align bottom edge of objects to the top of the anchor"). In this example the lower shape will be the anchor (and therefore ...

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