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Create a layer Create a shape Ctrl + drag shape over the layer in the layer menu TADA, now you have layer masked with a shape If you want to add more shapes to this mask just add them while shape mask is selected, but they must be paths instead of shapes. SO when creating a new shape select Path from top left instead of Shape.


I was looking for a similar function and came across a decent YouTube video that shows how to do this in Illustrator. good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeNVMfYbMBY


Create a circle. Convert Object to Path. Extensions → Modify Path → Add Nodes… Select by number of segments. In the example I chose five segments; you will likely want to choose a higher number. Create a symmetric trapezium. Select the trapezium and your circle and apply Extensions → Modify Path → Perspective. Remove trapezium. In the Nodes tool, ...


With Photoshop CS6, CC or CC2014 you can easily accomplish this with just a circle shape and the stroke features. Draw a circle Add anchor points where you want pieces cut out remove sections between anchors duplicate the layer for each different colored section you'll want delete sections from the copies for areas you do not want in that color. Here is ...


Photoshop makes it a rather difficult but Its still doable. here's how I do it: Make the circle as you would and mark down its centre using guides Cut into the circle with another circle through the centre. Now here if you have a rough Idea, how thick a circular line you want, you can create the first shape lets say 500x500 px and the cut into it with a ...


"I want to make the gray, green and blue part. It basically is a slightly altered rounded rectangle." That is not the best way to see it. You should look at it instead like you have a circle - maybe all in one color at first, that had a stroke but no fill. Then you use the "Add Anchor Point" tool to mark segments you want to cut out of it, and delete them. ...

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