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I'm not sure if i got your question right, but using command+click (which is equivalent to ctrl+click on windows) it will deselect that one layer, but only if he's been selected before. You can deselect multiple layers by using shift+click but it will deselect every single layer from that layer on, you can't draw an area - as far as i know.


Unfortunately, this is not possible in Illustrator, as it is in InDesign as well featured as a Special Character (Type > Insert Special Character > Other > Indent to Here – the effect is that the indent automatically adjusts if the text before it changes), not as a paragraph attribute, and Illustrator doesn't feature such special paragraph-adjusting ...


Alternatively, use Type > Paragraph and give "First-line left indent" a negative value. This moves the bullet out of the text box and the rest is aligned. To get the text back inside the box, just add normal Left indent as much as you gave negative for the first line.

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