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By "re-lock" you seem to actually mean "reapply the master page". You can do that by first deleting anything you've chosen to override (command/shift/click) then drag the master page back to the page you are working on in the Pages Panel. This will re-apply the master page and all it's elements. If you fail to delete any existing overrides, you will have ...


Just want to say in Photoshop CC, there is a shortcut assigned to it cmd + , You can access it if you are already in 'Essentials' workspace.


I have created an action that assigns F1+⌘+⇧ to Copy Shape Attributes and F2+⌘+⇧ to Paste Shape Attributes. I hope this is useful for a few people who would like to quickly copy all of the shape attributes. If you happen to have Keyboard Maestro I have also included the Macro Library if you want to save your fingers from having ...

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