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Yes. Simply choose Align to Artboard in the Align Panel or Control Bar. Then click the various align buttons.


1.go to text layer. 2.press ctrl+t 3.you can able to edit,move,resize


@Scott and @ckpepper02: the OP asked for a way to do it WITHOUT using the mouse. So, your answers that require clicking the mouse are clearly not appropriate. @christian: If you want to edit keyboard shortcuts, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-K to bring up that menu. Unfortunately I've looked through all options in this menu and it doesn't seem possible to assign a ...


Illustrator does not provide keyboard shortcuts for layer panel navigation, beyond the standard "new layer" shortcut. Objects can be moved through a layer stack via the keyboard, but layers themselves can not be reordered or selected with the keyboard.


This isn't a direct import option, but if you have a set of shortcuts saved on Machine A, then there will be a file [set name].kys in your prefs folder. You can copy this file to the prefs folder on Machine B, and then just go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and choose your shortcut set. For a full reference of where your preferences folder is, you can ...


I'm confuzzled. As far as I know, the shortcut for showing or hiding the grid in Illustrator is Option / Apple+' (as in the single quote key). That doesn't involve any function keys. To change keyboard shortcuts to you liking, go have a peek at Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts or press Alt+Shift+Control / Option+K.

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