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If you cut out the central circle from the larger circle the object path will run around the remaining "O" shape. The auto align features will then snap to this path easily.


The solution to the problem that @plainclothes stumbled upon is to turn of the align to pixel grid within the symbol, but turn it on for the instance of the symbol that is placed on the canvas, by clicking on the x or y links on the info bar and enabling "align to pixel grid" just there. It basically means that your instance will snap to the pixel grid on ...


You need to have pixel preview on for it to work. To enable that, just go to View \ Pixel Preview on the top menu. That is what actually enables the snap to pixel mode in illustrator, which cannot be done any other way. Checking align to pixel grid is not a good option, unless we are talking about elements made of square angle (90 degrees) lines, like ...

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