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You can use a Google font and the text= feature. This allows you to replace one or more characters. Also try a Google search on "replace individual character from google fonts".


I'm not familiar with anything exactly like you're looking for. Your best bet might be too look at 3D Sculpting software though. ZBrush is the name brand one while Sculptris is a free one that's also very good. Pixologic (the creator's of ZBrush) purchased Sculptris so no idea if they'll really continue to support it but at the time of writing this it is ...


Git isn't just for non-binary files. A simple, local (i.e., not necessarily web-based)* GUI frontend for Git (SourceTree seems good) can handle binary files very well, and Git can even do version control on EXIF metadata, among many other things. Git repositories do not have to reside on a central, web-based server; this is the power of Git: it's a ...


Check out Indigo Studio (they have a free trial). It's a bit more robust than InVision, but the way a project is structured with screen "states", it can support both a relative "back" along a single history path, or an absolute "back" that you can designate yourself with specific screen states. This interactions tutorial video includes a couple different ...


Your best bet is to look at open source software. For fonts, take a look at the excellent selection at fontsquirrel For editing the illustrations, you can take a look at Krita or GIMP For laying out the book, Scribus might be a good bet.


The already mentioned ghostscript is the free standard tool for this problem. If the use of the command line looks too daunting, you could use a free web service like: You won't have any control whats really happening with your images, but the results are good as far as I tested. You can choose different output profiles (SWOP and ...

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