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a simple tool to create sketch/paint online on canvas. http://www.arcsketch.com


I am a designer and front-end engineer on one design studio, I just used Markly to do app design spec, I think it's really cool photoshop spec tool with so many creative functions like smart measure, update spec automatically etc. I inadvertently discovered this post, so I think I should recommend it. And I found it from producthunt: ...


If you need open source drawing applications i would consider: Krita, its a bit nicer in this use than gimp you could also try myPaint art weaver is pretty good too.


You can use Autodesk Sketch Book pro, it is very good and powerful for this type usage.


I would not know, because I've always used Photoshop. This question was very easily solved with a Google search though. You could try GIMP I've never used it, so I can't speak on its behalf, but I have seen several posts on here about it, so I know it's probably decent.

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