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Adhesiontext is a dummy generator with several language options, including the ones you want


I found this, when looking for German filler text. http://loremipsumonline.com/en/languages/german-lorem-ipsum-generator?g=de It does include special characters and uses capital letters for nouns (unlike some of the answers above) but the text created does make real (random, but grammatically correct) sentences. Because they are readable, you may need to ...


This looks like a basic pencil artwork modified in a software like Adobe Photoshop. There's lot of tools and different brushes you can acquire and use in Adobe Photoshop to get similar pencil effects, and draw from scratch what you want. You can also use Gimp (it's free.) It won't be easy because doing digital design demands almost as much skills and ...


would this work for you? open Document Info Panel, select Objects. Right at the top you'll see the length of the selection.

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