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Using "3ds Max" will be more helpful for you but you have to learn using Max by youtube or any professional course


You can use an online tool like this triangulation tool or this Delaunay triangulations tool with images that you upload.


I don't know if its suitable here, but there are also ways with not WYSIWYG-programms. In my example the tikz-package of LaTeX. Normally TeX is used for texts and professional scriptum, but also good looking vector graphics are possible, with a little effort. Other great examples can be found in tex.SX or behind this link. :) Source code: ...


Think of it kinda like this: Blender, 3DMax, and Maya are all in similar realms. Then there's architectural ones like AutoCAD, Rhino, and Modo. Then there's SketchUp I'd say if you don't like Blender to try SketchUp or one of the more architectural ones that I named. SketchUp might be sufficient for your needs and its certainly beginner friendly. It might ...

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