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you have a variety of options: already mentioned, and probably your best bet is to use media queries for showing certain screens certain things. css3 offers up multiple background images, which you could tailor with media queries. if you are using an actual img / element in your markup, don't forget that you can apply background images to it via css. i've ...


Well, the idea of an Animated GIF is that the entire image is replaced with another, like a flipbook. So this isn't possible with that format. Sounds like what you are trying to achieve is to animate a UI screen on a device, in which you would need to use a program like After Effects to animate your screen, then place it over a photo of your device. After ...


If i get you right and the big picture wont animate and get "replaced" on the little screen: it is possible with responsive webdesign. choosing-a-responsive-image-solution and just replace the big image with ur animated gif via media queries on the small screen

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