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This seems like a simple matter of a two step workflow. Crop all images to allow the same amount of white space around the product. Resize the images after the crop so they are all the same size. That should get all the images the same. (These are smaller because I only had your 250x250 images to work with)


Set some standards based on the limitations of the images you're working with As discussed in the comments on Scott's answer, a good option is to choose your smallest image, enlarge it as much as possible without visible quality degradation, and then use the same amount of white-space available in that image as the benchmark for all other images. Set a ...


There are hundreds of stock photographs like these for sale all over the web, these being some of my personal favorites If you just search for "device mockups" you should get a fair few results. There was a pack a while ago that was absolutely fantastic, that you only needed to drop your screenshot into a smart layer and it would adjust it to the device ...

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