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Here's a tutorial that I followed to make a low-poly design The main points I liked this tutorial is that it was really easy to follow and it didn't jump from part to part, thats especially helpful for a beginner By the way I enjoyed the speedart video http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/adobe-illustrator/create-low-poly-portrait/


Do a Google search for "low poly background". There are a lot of generators for this kind of images: http://dmesh.thedofl.com/ http://qrohlf.com/trianglify


The original 2D manga / anime style is called 'Super Deformed' (Wikipedia) or 'chibi' (Wikipedia). As these examples are 3D or faux 3D*, I guess your best bet is '3D chibi' or '3D super deformed'. *As far as I remember, Falcom usually employs pseudo-3D models in games of this generation and genre. The models are created, but are only used as a basis for the ...


It's watercolor mainly. Looks like the weeping angel (don't blink) has some inking on it to create the darker lines but that could be a heavy use of the watercolor paints as well. You can find brushes as mentioned above searching (with quotes) "photoshop watercolor brushes". You can see the layering of the brush strokes which could be achieved by making ...


Grunge Image Effect Here are some pretty old tutorials but still helpful http://pshero.com/photoshop-tutorials/photo-effects/photo-transfer-edge-effect http://psd.fanextra.com/tutorials/designing/design-a-grungy-floating-island/ http://www.imarc.net/blog/97-ps_quickie_your_own_crazy_movie_poster ...


I don't think there's any particular name for these. They are a mix of various styles and techniques: monochromatic flat/vector based layered to emulate distance


A traditional method which shares features of those images is wood block printing. Obviously, this is a method rather than a style, but considering the large block forms of single colors, this method is probably the closest. Serigraphs (silk screen) share some features but they are more easily able to use gradients and shading.


The second image is from the game Firewatch, which was visually developed by artist Olly Moss, of Mondo poster fame. http://ollymoss.com/ This is a form of minimalism. It's marked by strong, geometric shapes and pared-down design elements. Often, a single dominant image stands alone to deliver a powerful message. In Moss' work, bold, layered colors create ...


I used this tutorial to create an etched appearance for a logo. http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/create-realistic-money-effect-photoshop Hope that helps!

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