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That's probably "art deco". Google it, there are tons of almost same illustrations floating on web


This image is a still from a video done for Eco Justice Canada by the firm Giant Ant: https://vimeo.com/53447230 While the video is new, the imagery and animation style used is heavily influenced by mid-century graphic design (tear-drop and other simple shapes, limited color palette, rough ink textures, the type of animated transitions used). Googling ...


I'd probably call it '80s revival' as the colours, while still gaudy, are slightly more muted than actual 1980s colours (for example, 'Miami Vice' titles or The Memphis Group's furniture, as @plainclothes says). If you want a shorter term, how about 'naff'!? (If you lived through the 80s it's quite depressing to see this sort of mish-mash come back on ...


This is drawing heavily from The Memphis Group's design motifs. They became shorthand for the 80s, due to the rather bizarre level of market acceptance they received during that period. For something slightly less gaudy, also look at Constructivism and De Stijl.

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