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If you've done anything to the text, such as apply layer styles or you've made it raster, you won't be able to import your text. The best option would be to recreate it in illustrator. Photoshop is not designed to produce SVG's, and SVG's shouldn't contain images.


Select the shape then go to Object > Expand > Select Fill & Stroke > OK


The XML used for an Android VectorDrawable resource is specific to Android and therefor not something you will easily be able to export from any general image editing software. You have a number of options. Android has Vector Asset Studio, with which you can import an SVG file to and export the XML resource you need. SVG to VectorDrawable Converter is a ...


Pasting paths will usually rasterise you graphic - which does not scale well. If you want a smooth scaleable graphic (but one you still can't edit in Keynote) you can import PDFs. Those will scale smoothly, and Keynote is pretty good at preserving things like transparency. You will need to design and edit the graphics in another program. (Also most design ...


You can run this code on your javascript console: var e = document.createElement('script'); e.setAttribute('src', ''); e.setAttribute('class', 'svg-crowbar'); document.body.appendChild(e); or use this bookmarklet: Worked perfectly for me:


Designing at 100% scale just means designing at the size (in pixels) that you will be displaying/outputing your icon at. If you are designing a 24px × 24px icon, you set up your artboard in Illustrator or document in Photoshop or whatever else you are using to 24px × 24px. As quoted from the Material Design guide, this is for pixel accuracy. If you work at ...


After asking in InkscapeForum I found I just need to remove all layers, this is not a perfect solution (what If I need some layer existing for some reason?) but at least a feasible and easy solution. To remove a layer I need to open layer window Layer->layers and hit the minus - button in that window. I'll accept the answer that allows to moving groups ...


Select Both and Do: Object --> Clip --> Set


Simple way to do it, it's similar to Grunt task, but even more easier: To all objects you would like to make class, give the name for example: "myClassmainCircle" and "myClassmainStar". After exporting replace all: 'id="myClass' with 'class="' The result will be: class="mainCirle" class="mainStar"

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