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In addition to creating your own printer marks or page info, the Registration swatch can be very handy in creating masks. Often a mask consisting of only K will not completely mask a CMYK object. So, using Registration for the mask "black" tends to be more complete. It's not very easy to see in InDesign specifically, but "feather" effects utilize the ...


You're right that it's a little superfluous, especially because InDesign will add any printer marks during export. Registration black is really for adding any custom printer marks or page info. Because registration black will use 100% CMYK for each value, that's 400% ink coverage and should obviously be used in small quantities. Hope that helps?


I make generative art works which employ color schemes downloaded from kuler.adobe.com as ASE files.I improved the script provided by plainclothes to make a useful multiple ASE file loader tool to load all the color schemes I downloaded in one go. The tool uses the ActionScript File.openDialog class to select multiple ASE files from the download folder. It ...

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