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Just go into the top right drop down panel menu and click on Add Used Colours. Or select all objects and click on the "New Color Group" icon located at the bottom of the swatches panel. This will open a modal dialog box.(refer to attached image).


Select multiple swatches in your swatch panel holding either Shift (if they're near each other) or Control/Command if they're not. Then on the top right drop down panel menu can click on Swatch Properties and click Global to set them all at once.


First load the Material Design color swatches in to Illustrator using the Swatches panel. You can then use the Recolor Artwork tool (Edit → Edit Colors → Recolor Artwork...) to limit colors to that color palette. Simply select all your artwork, open the Recolor Artwork tool and select the Material Palette from the "Limit to Library" button. Make sure you ...

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