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Image trace offers the ability to limit colors to a color group. Simply place all your predetermined swatches into a single color group in the Swatch panel. Note I've got 2 (default) color groups here. Then using the Image Trace Panel simply set the Palette to Document Library, and set Colors to your defined color group. This makes image trace use ...


First, put all of the swatches that you want to use in one color group. Then, select everything on your artboard (STRG + A, but make sure no layers are locked or invisible). Chose edit -> Edit Colors -> Recolor Artwork. On the right side of the recoloring options panel, click on the newly created color group that contains your colors. If needed, you can set ...


You can also try doing manually using the magic wand selector tool. Play with the tolerance setting to get it to grab just the paths that have similar colors, then change the fill on those to a color from your swatches palette.


Select the paths. Then use Select > Save Selection. This will allow you to choose that saved selection and then alter them all at once easily. Another option is to color one cell and then create a Graphic Style. Apply that Graphic Style to all cells. You can then select one cell, alter it, and then drag it over the existing Graphic Style, hold down the ...

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