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There's no right answer to this. What icon you should use here is likely heavily dependent on the rest of the icons in your app. All that said, I don't think a hand with a finger makes any sense as an icon here, as it's communicating what to do, rather than what it is. I'd suggest using a front-desk bell: https://thenounproject.com/term/bell/79519/


You could use an icon similar to the phone field strength (I mean, the 3-5 vertical bars that indicates the quality of a phone call) as seen in many video games. You could change the icon depending on the ping.


I think the best solution might be to not have a ping icon at all. I have an app that connects to a server (a computer) over bluetooth. Once the connection is made, there are chances that the connection drops I’ve spoken to a developer friend and Bluetooth disconnect/connect are events your app can register for. That seems like a far more sane way to ...


I like your approach but I think it's halfway there. The hand gesture is great but it doesn't represent the the action result will be a ping. Here's a few suggestions (roughly done):

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