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Just to dump some ideas... popcorn? Film strips? Clapboards? Red carpets? Something being filmed? The last one can be pretty versatile too; if you ever want to change what is being filmed, you can probably photoshop the images in the camera and background to be different.


I'd go for something very recognisable, like a popular animation movie. (Finding Dory, Zootopia, or maybe just Big Buck Bunny?). This way it won't easily be mistaken for a still picture.


A picture of a movie theater? source Maybe add some animation and on window load move the curtains from a left-right 200px in view to something like 100px. Giving it the feel like the movie is starting? OR Another option is to have the user choose it's favorite movie from a predefined list when browsing the page and upon selection, fetch a sequence from ...


So I did some more thinking on this and here is what I have come up with: This focuses on the old and new platforms 'working' together, rather than 'communicating'.


I particularly liked this icon from Gallop Management showing the flow of clear communication. Clear communication requires the receiver to repeat back the message in their own words to ensure understanding. It's a only way to be sure a message was received accurately. I think I would prefer it revised with speech bubbles.

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