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How is art represented when it's not digital? museums, galleries, magazines....and usually the design of the space is indicative of the style. Most galleries and museums are specific to an Era or style, but there are a few that encompass a large scope of the art world. The Louvre for example houses ancient to contemporary works. Their architecture and ...


I think I get it. Very tall order. A) Is there any research or theories in dealing with representing art. Probably. But the chances are big that they would be rather convoluted if you could find them. (Unless you are asking about general semiotics). You obviously cannot represent art with art without at least vaguely pointing to a particular ...


Why don't you try a small "graph" style icon to represent attributes: I feel that this icon can't be confused with something such as "tools" or "options"


Consider creating a prettier version of a scatterplot.


An icon representing generic control elements should work, for example showing a two-part radio button. Or, similar, a simplified equalizer control: If a symbol of "control elements" causes confusion with a tools icon, representing just a list of items could solve that: Images from awoken-icon-theme


I think what you are after, are some way of indicating "more, unspecific information". As @Cakey points out, not everything in the world needs an icon, so maybe some indication of editing might work fine. Luggage tags are usually used for tags as in identifying synonyms on additional information, mainly as a help for search and batch. Such as swiss ...

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