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I've also seen an iron used for this kind of functionality


How about a text layer on the screenshot, next to document icon, that says "double-click"?


The problem is that the mouse cursor itself isn't an action. The action that you're trying to indicate is pushing the physical button on the mouse. For keyboard actions, it's common practice to use an icon that looks like the physical key, such as Esc or F9. To show this for the mouse, you can use a small icon resembling the mouse, and highlight the button ...


This is the exact way that Luke Wroblewski indicated single tap and double tap with his gesture icons: These have become de-facto standards in UX wireframes, but can't say if they'd be intuitive to your users of your software. The catch is that a double-click, itself, isn't an intuitive action to begin with. It's a learned interaction. That said, those ...


It's a difficult task you have here. I don't think I've ever seen an icon for double click. I can think of a few options: A white cursor overlapping a cursor of a different colour. A cursor with a '2' inside it. A cursor hovering over the number '2'. A combination of 1 and 3.

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