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No You have the right solution. Reading between the lines, it sounds like your concern is managing this system. To do this at any reasonable scale, you need a central directory ('Graphics' or 'Art' or whatever) that's full of all the assets the team may want to use. For bonus points, set the whole thing up in a remote Git repository and you can update ...


Without knowing which version of Illustrator CC you are using, I think the last 3 versions of illustrator have the new Creative Cloud libraries panel which does essentially creates symbols of Objects, Text attributes and swatches that are shareable between files and even some adobe programs.


I don't think there's any particular 'concept' at work. It's just a nice, geometric way to organize 4 elements. Squares are sturdy and solid, and as a logo, fairly versatile (they aren't particularly horizontal nor vertical) (Note that the second image isn't actually a logo, but a piece of artwork: ...


In general, a work derived from a free work is subject to regular copyright and thus you cannot plainly use it, even if the derived work’s creator put it online for free. This is part of the Berne Convention: Translations, adaptations, arrangements of music and other alterations of a literary or artistic work shall be protected as original works without ...


I'm pretty sure that you are free to use it. These Icons are made to unify and to help people. Everyone knows what that icon means, so it would be stupid to forbid people to use it when they need it.


Taking the line very literally. I don't think these are particularly convincing but perhaps it's food for thought.


The icons need to be contextual to your base use-case and the platform. Assuming the platform is a mobile-device and imagining a user-centric kiosk app, I would use variations on a theme: An offline kiosk-user icon: And a wifi-required icon: I would keep the message clear by modifying no less than 33% of the icon to indicate the difference, but no ...


guess what. I have a brilliant idea. Draw the following text as icons: "Online Version" and "Offline Version". Tada, problem solved. Please upvote.

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