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Illustrator sort of has this feature, it's limited but, can do what you ask. In fact this is one of those features that they have made worse in CC by disabling symbols within symbols, which in this kind of design case could be useful*. So be warned your mileage varies depending on what version of Illustrator you use, newer not equating better here. Do this: ...


I use Wingdings 2: Capital O for a cross; capital P for a tick.


It's not perfect, but you could try to export the artboards as PDF and reimport them in the other document. You would lose the artboards, but keep all the graphics. A little bit of fiddling will fix that of course.


I believe this is the desired functionality, as it is assumed that you may want to rename the instance of the symbol. Updating the symbol name in Organize Symbols changes the master symbol name, but not all the instances of it. For bulk-renaming layers, The Sketch 3 plugin RenameIt is excellent. I would try using the Find and Replace function to rename your ...


Here's a link to a quick discussion on international symbology you might find interesting since you’ve already read about the ISO standard. A Brief History of International Symbols As the article and @johannes mentioned in the comments to your question, there is the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) 50 icon set designed in 1974 that has become a ...

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