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Dynamic symbols were introduced with Illustrator CC 2015 which let you change the fill/stroke/etc without breaking the link to the master. You just select the placed symbol with the Direct Selection tool and change away.


You might want to take a look at Compo, which is a plugin that makes dynamic resizable UI components, kind of a replacement for symbols.


There's a plugin called state machine that solves your task. Article: Plugin Download: I don't know if you're familiar with sketch plugins. Sketch toolbox is a good way for managing plugins.


Nested symbols can help you out here. Make your tab bar with all tabs in the same state, e.g default. Create a symbol from it - TabBar/Default In the symbol page, insert an instance of the TabBar/Default symbol (not a copy) for each tab. Make an active state for tab 1, position over one of these instances, and create a new symbol - TabBar/Tab1_active ...

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