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From your question, the general category of characters or symbols that you are referring to are called Whitespace Characters. Whitespace characters are the representation of any character that causes a horizontal or vertical spacing change in typography. The symbols themselves are called markup symbols and stem from proofreading editor markup symbol sets. ...


The symbol you used for space (·) is 'MIDDLE DOT'(U+00B7) also known as interpunkt or One could alternatively use the symbol (␣) 2423 open box (space symbol) could not find a dot with circumfex but there are combining symbols in unicode so you could use 'COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT' (U+0302) which would result in (·̂) but support in ...


Install a typeface with an italic version and use that. That sounds blunt, but it's a harsh truth: Illustrator will not make a font italic by itself, it requires a separate font file with the italic version. This is good: the 'italicise' function that lots of word processors use, is nothing but a 'slant' function that does not produce passable italics for a ...


Or you can use your Creative Cloud Assets Library. When you place a "Graphic" from your saved and shared Library into different documents it stays linked to the asset present on cloud. If you make changes to the asset, it changes in all documents.


These glyphs are part of Adobe Wood Type Ornaments You can read more about these glyphs here. I don't think they have a unicode value, but you can access them via the Character Viewer in OSX or the Glyphs panel in Adobe software.

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