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Sounds like there's a known issue with Wacom tablets and Photoshop shortcuts becoming unresponsive. Give this plugin from Adobe a try: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-menus-turn-white-mac.html


I always assumed it was for familiarity + perhaps to further enable people to use the tablet without a keyboard. When you first try out a drawing tablet, it seems like it makes sense to have it, but I've personally never used it. It's so tedious Wacom even has an option to set one of the stylus buttons as the eraser. I've found that to lag a bit, so I ...


There's is no difference from Photoshops view. Technically its a similar albeit differently shaped nib, that is always attached to eraser. The different shape has different physics, but other then that form software's point of view its the same. The tablet user may not have a second hand free, for example because they have leaned back and the keyboard is ...

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