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Things have developed since this post. You might try in5 (, a plug-in that promises to do most of what you want.


Some things to consider: If you use a laptop and are likely to need to take your Wacom with you, you may find a large isn't practical. A medium Wacom is pretty much the same size as a 15" laptop, which makes it very easy to carry as part of your kit. If you're used to using a large tablet and you go to use a medium, no doubt it will feel a bit small. Given ...


I have been using a Bamboo tablet with great success with retouching fashion styled pics from runway shots etc. I have not had any problem with using this size, and my screen is 21 inch. I know a previous poster mentioned having issues with "dotted" lines, but I have never had that problem. However, I a working on a new Mac Pro desktop (2013) so this may ...

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