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You can see font is gothic because the way its written and usually to make it look scary it look like blood is dripping from the words.


You could speak of edge painting or fore-edge painting, or gilt-edged for the golden variant.


Another term could be "Isolated Image"


But a good sized business that has a corporate brand effort with logos in ai files and detailed instructions for placement... "some guy" working in department X doesn't know that. When he passes the request up to the right department, to the people who do know about preparing material for print and other uses, what do they call this? Is it a ...


I once made a survey in my class about image formats (I teach engineers). Most did not know of any other format than jpg, some knew PNG. It didnt occour to most of the students that images could be anything other than photographs. Its not like they are not aware of PDF or in other formats they just dont think in similar terms thus unable to comply. The ...


Everything that has been said is right on point. The dialog that you should have is" "I need all of your design assets for this project. I need your logo in a vector or high resolution format in order to print it correctly. I need all images in high resolution. I need all licensed fonts you intend to use. If you don't have these assets in the proper format, ...


I'd ask for "your logo in a vector file format. This may be an EPS, PDF or SVG file". But be prepared to accept the fact that a lot of these businesses likely don't have a version of their logo in a vector file format. In fact, you'll often encounter businesses that don't even have a proper digital source file of their logo. Getting 'scans from yellow ...


Cromalin proofing was something I used to do, daily, as a pre-press lithographer. After we had produced the 4-colour negatives for a print job, we would coat a piece of gloss white card with a clear photosensitive layer, using a heat roller. Then we would expose the yellow negative under the same halogen lights that we would use for exposing plates or for ...

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