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These glyphs are part of Adobe Wood Type Ornaments You can read more about these glyphs here. I don't think they have a unicode value, but you can access them via the Character Viewer in OSX or the Glyphs panel in Adobe software.


...increased DPI... only its effectible print size. Nop. That is PPI. DPI is a printer capability unit. I think the root of the problem is that the dpi is widley known because for a time was an important issue to buy a printer. This unit was adopted as image quality. A scanner was thought as just the input part of the same ecosystem. The people just ...


Those terms are largely misunderstood for two reasons: Most people do not really understand what units are. Units have been taught to most by memorization, and quite lot of it, without much deep thought put into the subject. Since this kind of learning worked for most purposes for other units then they think it works for this too. From this follows that ...

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