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try googling 'dark black grunge texture' then on Photoshop use selected texture and in the layers panel select Multiply or reduce the opacity slightly (10 -20%). Remember to have a black background colour.


http://www.myfreetextures.com has a bit over 1000 free textures and images


Try to change your graphic mode via start→3dsmax→change graphics mode. the default mode was software, and the Direct3d or openGL should be better.


One way to do it would be to scan the watercolor or marker illustration in at the highest resolution possible and create a tracing. You would essentially end up with something like a stippled drawing. The vector illustration would be incredibly complex (hundreds of thousands of points and shapes) but you'd be able to reproduce it in one color and then shift ...


Wow, that original fractal image is amazing. I think you should be able to make something like the portions you’re after, just using Photoshop and a few filters. Here’s a really quick and hacky attempt. And here’s how I made it. Make some fibers Blur 'em Motion blur 'em Levels 'em (more contrast) Add a gradient map Because, gradient maps ...

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