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View > Show Bounding Box will most likely "fix" your issue. You probably inadvertently turned off the bounding box.


Nowadays, the answer is pretty simple: it' s all for style, meaning because the hardware is pretty to look at on a desk. It's all about style. Some people, like Mac fanatics, will think they use the most advanced OS on the planet because the hardware design is shinier than a custom built PC tower. High-heels are pretty, but they hurt your feet. I work with ...


a picture would help, but it seems to me that the best solution would be to create outlines, or paths, of the type and then to manipulate the points to remove the part you are looking to get. Select the type tool, and create whatever text you want. Select the text, then Create Outlines (Shift + Cmnd + o), or select Type in the menu bar, and it should be ...


To access hidden tools in Illustrator, you click and hold on a tool to see the tool popup. Or you can click, hold, then move the to right. If this is not working, you've got technical issues. The tool panel in Illustrator does not work like the tool panel in Photoshop... why... I don't know. As for cycling through Blending modes... Read here: How to switch ...

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