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My 2 cents here. I had a small calcomp some 12 years ago and I did not use it much. I reduced the sensitive area to minimize the wrist movement. But I did not really stoped using the mouse as my primary input device. The tablet stoped working and I did not bought another one for a decade. I have an Intuos 5 now, but I only use it on some specific Photoshop ...


It works nearly the same. Select the points you want to rotate as you would in photoshop with the white direct selection tool (hit A). Then select the Rotate Tool (hit R). Grab a point and rotate. Tips: If you click once you will move the rotate pivot there. If you alt click it moves the pivot there and opens up a dialog for typing exact values. ...


If you don't want to spend money with that, you can use Gimp (GNU software) and some free stock images from the web, I don't know about online apps that can do something like what you had said. I forgot to said, sometimes the printing house can give you a free preview print, you can ask about that to your favorite printing house.


Here is an official and comprehensive list of all keyboard shortcuts for Inkscape.


There are tons of web services, that do that for you. I have not tested many, but I can recommend: ZeroSprites ZeroSprites uses the VLSI floorplanning algorithm to optimize the image arrangement and gives you the sprite as a download. You also get the position for each image for different purposes: CSS background with pixel positioning CSS background ...


First and foremost: familiarise yourself with the HSB colour model. HSB defines a colour by: Hue: kind of colour, as in: pick one from a rainbow—in degrees; Saturation: inverse of the amount of added white—in percent; Brightness: inverse of the amount of added black—in percent. A good rule of thumb would be to sample the existing brand ...

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