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I faced same problem, just check fill icon is selected not the stroke one,


Alright well this is somewhat two different questions. For help with your leaf issue you might want to see this related question: Distribute objects along a path in Illustrator Now as far as blending along a path, sure. Can use Replace Spine: or manually adjust the path however you want, this works before or after replacing the spine. Its just like any ...


Replace the spine of a blend. Create a blend. Draw a path that you want the blend to follow Select the blend and your path Choose Object > Blend > Replace Spine This will replace the straight path of the blend with your new path, whatever it is. More info on blends can be found by reviewing the help files.


view---> show bounding box! It's important to be on.


I remember in an older version of CS, back in the beginning of CS, the clone tool could be static or it could move. The user simply had to indicate a preference. That feature seems to have been removed.


I'm probably a bit late here, but I'm a french graphic designer with a long experience of work abroad, so in case somebody would be looking for an answer to the same question, the thing we call "charte graphique" in french is the "brand style guide" in most design agencies.

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