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I constantly have smudge issues because I'm left-handed so even basic writing tasks look very dirty due to smudging. It sounds like you're looking more for a marker-type pen, but I'd like to comment on a needle-tip gel pen that I've found that I haven't been able to smudge. Which is great if you enjoy sketching with thin pens. I went to a store that sold ...


Just create a box the size you need in pixels the color you want in Illustrator and put it behind your logo and save that and you should get what you need.


in my experience it is best to draw these up using good old pencil and paper. I find that using a digital tool too much really doesn't get to the core of the wireframe and usually end up with the same result for each website. Gather your notes Grab a pen and pencil Draw out some ideas on paper Once happy and have a clear view then use a tool like Balsamiq. ...


definitely not working.Write text 3 line and 1 line ad 2 line and bla bla Group every line each other and try vertical distribute. There is a bug


I guess you need this steps: 1. (at the left) choose the "Shape" tool mode within the Pen tool, draw your shape and then: 2. (at the right) pick the desirable path operation and draw the "subtracter" or whatever

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