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I've accomplished my goal, however my solution does not involve Illustrator scripts. I simply use Photoshop actions and batch processing: Open a typical image in Photoshop and create a new action. While it's recording, choose the magic wand tool. Right click on the image and click "Color range". Select "Highlights" from the dropdown and set both sliders ...


You should expand the small triangle on the appearance panel and adjust as usual - If it does not work - probably the problem it the way you created the shapes


Uncomment the line pngExportOpts.matte = true; and change the value to false. The value of pngExportOpts.matte defaults to true, so you must set it explicitly in the script. [Note: I used the original Adobe script and modified it, but I didn't at a glance see any differences between it and your edited version.]


There is Image > Trim and choose transparent pixels from the pop up. Sometimes that may leave pixels of a low opacity however. In those cases you can ... A) make a selection and choose Image > Crop B) Use Image > Canvas Size and set the size you want and where you want the cropping to occur. You'll get a warning that the new canvas is smaller then ...


I think you're asking how to blur you current image and make it look good. As others have pointed out, the picture and logo you are trying to use aren't going to look at good as the examples you selected. It looks like those pictures were taken with a blurred focus for artistic affect, and you'll never be able to replicate that perfectly after the fact. ...


You have to add a layer mask. (Right click on Layer → Layer Mask → Add alpha channel of the layer) And then can you use the gradient tool Here is an tutorial with pictures. http://infofreund.de/gimp-transparent-gradient/


If I understand correctly, your actual icon should be 96 by 96 pixels with a transparent padding that adds up to 128 by 128 pixels. First of all, what you did in the second step was reduce the size of the green background of your logo. I assume you want to keep the full logo without actually reducing its background. First, open your logo as it is, 128x128 ...

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