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If you see a pale gray background: This problem often happens when using a layer mask but not a C100-M100-Y100-K100 black to cover your image on the layer mask. As a result, there will be a very small transparency since not all 4 channels are covered at 100%; some will be covered at 95%, some at 99%, etc. It's very hard to see on screen because it can ...


In Photoshop CC 2015, the new Export As solves the problem. It does not produce black edges when resizing but the Save for Web (Legacy) still does.


In the prefereneces panel: Edit > Preferences > General or cmd+k make sure anti-aliasing is selected. It will smooth exported png 24 files out nicely. Also make sure you are using png-24 as suggested above and when you are saving-for-web that you have art optimized selected (its in the drop down menu in the image size menu).


The Targa file format doesn't store transparency in the same way as formats such as png so it needs to have an alpha channel which is a component of an image which describes how transparent each pixel is, with transparent being 100% black and opaque being 100% white and anything in between is semi-transparent. To make an alpha channel from the standard ...


How to: Convert K values (Black intensity %) to Alpha values (0-255) Duplicate the original layer. Deselect the original layer and select the copy. Convert it to Black and White. (Image --> Adjustments --> Black and White) Open channels Duplicate one of the color channels (they should all have the same pixelvalue) Rename the new channel Alpha. Return ...


You do not need any transparency. If each page has a manually created yellow background.... Place your greyscale tiff or psd in InDesign. Select the image - The content, not the image frame. Using the Attributes Panel tick Overprint Fill Choose View > Overprint Preview So you will see it on screen as it will appear when overprinted. Export ...


There is no need to use transparency nor "replace the white" if by that you mean edit the files. You can tint greyscale tiffs. This allows you to make the change without editing the original file and eliminates any color matching problems between the placed image and the inDesign swatch color(s) Place the greyscale. Select the image container using the ...

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