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You can see font is gothic because the way its written and usually to make it look scary it look like blood is dripping from the words.


Subtle differences look like careless mistakes and sloppiness, not just in fonts but in all designs. When things are just slightly off, its enough people notice, but not enough people think its a deliberate thought out decision. Here is Arial Black with Source Sans Pro Semibold. They clash because they're both trying to be clean sans-serif fonts and in ...


DA01 and Dom are pointing at the central problem: They conflict when they don't look good together. So how do you know what looks good? That's such an obnoxiously subjective thing. But, like so many areas of design, typography is subjective. You have to train your eye for this soft skill the hard way. Go be a typographer Set a lot of type Let pros ...


Make sure they aren't too similar. Make sure they aren't too different. Break both rules when necessary (at your discretion).

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