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If your client wants to use the font beyond the logo, he will need a licence, for sure. If he will use it on one computer, he should buy a one computer licence, if he will use it on 5, a 5 seat licence.


I am going to assume you want to know how to send the image as it is. If you select the text, then right-click on it and select "create outlines", illustrator will automatically transform the text of the font into shapes as if they were done by the pen tool. I hope this answers what you asked.


When designing for emails, I go for the lowest common denominator. If a particular font is important, limit it to a few words and make it a graphic. Otherwise, just assume "serif/sans serif" and don't try to design with fonts. There is no way to control or predict what the user will have installed, what email client is being used, or what version of what ...

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