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This really depends upon the project and any scope definition discussion you have with the client. I often indicate the need for a logo, specific product imagery, and a style guide (if one exists) as standard items. However I generally don't request any typefaces, even if there are specific requests for specific typefaces. The reason I don't request fonts ...


To do any design project you should have a lot of info and assets: the logo any additional supporting brand assets brand style guide a problem statement an audience definition business objectives a contract a contact (who's in charge of approvals, etc?) a vendor to implement (or a directive that you are handling that) etc, etc.


If they do have a logo with typography and you are expect to modify it I would expect that all fonts to be provided. The company should have multiple file formats of their logo so consult with them on possibly receiving a copy of all logo formats or request an EPS of the logo. You should also make sure what type of logo is produced in regards to full ...

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