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If by "web safe" you mean common on all platforms, then No. It is not. You will have to use @font-face with a web and/or app license.


I think this is more about writing than design. If the word in the header begins a thought or sentence and the body text after it completes that sentence, use a colon. If the header is just a stand-alone headline and the body text a new thought, you don't need a colon. When arriving at a convention, you should: Check in Pick up the welcome ...


Type designer Hermann Zapf created a typeface specifically for this purpose: AMS Euler. I guess it is both easily comprehensible and readable, if it is also beautiful to look at, you will have to decide for yourself. Read more about it on the Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMS_Euler


Bebas is a "condensed" "sans serif" font. Some font families have condensed versions, meaning that the width of the letters is narrower in the condensed version than in the block or book versions. Serifs are the little flourishes coming out of the character where it sits on the baseline like Times New Roman or Garamond. Sans is french for without, so sans ...

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