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From the menu choose: Object → Transform → Shear... Set Shear Angel to 10 ° Set Axis to Horizontal Ok


hairline The thinnest part of a letter other than the serif Source: Type Matters!


"Hairline" generally refers to a stroke or line smaller then 0.25pt in width. Sometimes it may mean smaller than 0.5pt in width. "Hairline" is not directly associated with any type glyph and is not a term used exclusively for typography. A Hairline can be any line, any where.


There's different ways to answer this. Purely from a visual/graphic design standpoint, yes, you can space your text in any way you see fit to make it look good. Often we need to adjust typography optically by hand to make things 'feel' right even if mathematically they are off. Technically, it depends on the context of your markup. If this is one ...


Sure, it's perfectly acceptable. There's no rule saying you can't. With that being said, the two things you have to consider most are Responsiveness - If the screen or container size is too small then some text may be pushed to the next line which messes up the whole styling. Changing text later on - If the text is changed on a later date to something ...


As mentioned, this is a ligature, and is one of many similar ligatures such as ffi, fl, ffl, Th, oe and ae. If you're interested in this sort of detail within fonts (and within design, as a larger topic), I'd highly recommend the book Type Matters, by Jim Williams. It's an excellent reference manual for anyone interested in typography, and, if applied in ...


There are programs that do exactly this...generate logos from templates and lists of fonts. Here's one for example: http://www.logomaker.com/ And some of the "logos" you can make using it: Are these good logos? Impossible to say without knowing a lot more about the customer and their needs. I think most professional designers would argue that these are ...


I completely understand what you are looking for and why. I recently read in the book, Logo Creed, a section about the process of logo designer Brian Miller. He uses Freehand MX to do exactly what you are asking. I have just started to search for this outdated program to see if it is possible to load it onto a modern mac without issues. (Let me know if ...


This is called ligature. There is some useful background knowledge on Wikipedia In writing and typography, a ligature occurs where two or more graphemes or letters are joined as a single glyph. Many ligatures combine f with an adjacent letter. The most prominent example is fi (or f‌i, rendered with two normal letters). The tittle of the i in ...


You may want to take a look at fonts designed for signage, where legibility is a prime issue and you often have space restrictions. The main difference between the situations is that you do not have to take conditions such as fog into account. However, similar issues may arise for readers with bad eyesight whom you have to consider but who are not allowed to ...


How about Flama Ultra-Condensed: I'd say it doesn't get anymore condensed than this. http://www.felicianotypefoundry.com/cms/fonts/flama-ultra-condensed Serif fonts would be more readable but would also need more space. Dorica seems to be a serif font for small sizes:


You did a good job with these 2 fonts. It's actually a good idea to create that kind of asymmetry by mixing a serif and sans serif together, bold and standard. That creates some contrast and dynamic. The very bold "e" with the italic "n" that is lighter looks very nice together. There is absolutely no reason to not use Times New Roman. If it's ...


I like sorts mill goudy or averia with montserrat, if you want something different


Since this is a jpeg, you will have to turn each letter into a vector. The quick way but not very good way of turning a jpeg into a vector is by going to Object -> Image Trace -> Make. Red: You can then select Image Trace Panel to fine tune the selection. This will bring up a window where you can select options so Illustrator knows how you want the ...

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