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I hate to say it, but you may have to recreate the font using a close relative. Perhaps one of these would serve?


It would appear that basically Adobe Edge Web Fonts is a free version of TypeKit. TypeKit is a fantastic typeface solution for the web. I use it on many sites. The service does not cost much and has an incredibly selection. Some may find it odd that I will start a new web project with the typeface. I want to find a typeface or pair typefaces with that ...


Yes, this is correct. Adobe Edge Web Fonts is a free service from Adobe, an "open"-like equivalent for Typekit. It uses the same structure and works the same way, but it's free. However, fonts available there are usually lower quality or very well-known open license type families.


Just to get this off the unanswered list, and since my comment appears to have been useful: Most of the actual typographical requirements listed in this question will be matched by most fonts on the market; there are just one or two deal-breakers that are largely type-dependent: Serif fonts rarely have single-storey g’s (except sometimes as an alternate) ...


There aren't enough characters to make the best assessment of the font. But tools such as the following may get you very close: WhatTheFont Identifont Try ignoring the shadow as it may or may not be part of the font family.

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