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One thing I noticed is your use of punctuations. You may use them as you like in informal situations, but if we're talking about professional typography, you need to remember these rules: Any punctuation mark only appears one at a time. You have used ??, .. and .... in many places. In your question too, you're missing them in some places. If you want to ...


There is a Playboy bunny rabbit logo on the tail of one of your planes. If you're in Mubai you don't know, but it's a magazine of naked women. You probably do not want that on a professional site! Speaking of that, depending on what you want to show off, it might or might not be an issue that the graphics all on the front page came from somewhere else. ...


Visually, it's cute. Nice work on that. Structurally, it's lacking. When you have to explain what to click on to navigate the site, the navigation is broken. Asking a user to read that they need to click on an image of a balloon to actually get to the content of your site (the portfolio) is not intuitive. I'd also rethink calling yourself 'crazy'. :)


Wow it's awesome! The font is readable so it's appropriate in my opinion. It is user friendly except not everybody knows at e.g. 'connect' that they have to click the satellite to open up the contact form. Also: I saw this when I opened up the site: Greetings

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