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I would use a simple circle (stroke only, not filled). Also perhaps change the ellipsis in "Waiting to Start" (…) to an hourglass or the hands of a watch to indicate time.


Yellow icons tell users there is an issue, you better check because there may be a problem couldn't caught by application logic. Red icons tell users there is an error, no matter it is important or not: it is an error that disable application to do something. Typically, in this kind of situations, result could not be created. Although it is believed that ...


No data presumably means the scheduled operation has run, so that limits the icons which are relevant. If it's not OK that nothing happened — that is, it's failed — then the yellow exclamation mark is the icon to use. - Scheduled Operation Failed If it is OK that nothing happened, then the green tick is the icon to use. - Nothing went wrong ...


To imply nothing happened / no data, I would use "nothing" - IE an empty circle:


Ask yourself: what is the consequence for the user? Does it matter to them? Do they need to refresh/retry/debug/uninstall/pick differently/etc.? If it is a plain error, need to make an error icon. If action is required you need to make an icon for the action required. Context is more important than technical information. –– After Edit: go with an inactive ...

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