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When you use the client's logo in the header, visitor's instantly know who's site they have arrived at. By placing the second logo in a sidebar, visitor's can see that the site has a "sponsor" or "feature" and not confuse the that logo with your client's logo. Your client is primary even if they are a sponsored target. For example (here ...


Use their logo in the header and the second logo in a side bar with a link to the organization's site.


In this situation you need to think from a user experience standpoint. I think that you need to gather some information for your bosses, show him how this would confuse website visitors. The to further stress your point show them how many secondary logos are often in the footer (things like Norton site security logo, that green safe shopping check mark and ...


i'd probably just enlarge the white search-menu bar on top by maybe 1,5-2 times its size and then place both logos overlapping both the bar and the photo by half of their size. Both logos same visual size of course and on top left position. Of course that just works, if your client is ok with reducing the logo size. Hope this helps. Sry for bad english.


The common way to show data on a phone is reorder all the data from columns to rows. You can find several libraries to do that, just search for "responsive tables". For example "reflow" Table: Reflow And just for a reference , you can also read this: 10+ Solutions for Responsive Data Tables Regarding the different platforms, yes, you should stick to them ...

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