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It has more to do with what's in vogue at the moment. A few years ago, all apps hard dark UI with much more gloss. It's really up to you or your client.


I would encourage you to continue on your current path. Without a doubt, the visually lighter interfaces are more popular - but there is no danger in simply using a darker color scheme. The dangers come from specific implementation decisions. Some other dark mobile apps for iOS include: Resy most National Geographic apps Moves Slingshot Elevate Expedia ...


I work for a group called Active Living Coalition for Older Adults (alcoa.ca) — we were looking into design issues affecting websites and found this site to be very helpful: http://www.nia.nih.gov. Regarding print, the stronger the contrast the better. For type size, we use 12/14pt for body text, nothing lower (footers/headers, footnotes are 10/12pt). I ...

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