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There is a symbol for it in predicate logic. "And/or" is just called "or" and is represented as ∨, from the Latin vel meaning or. But note that it's a separate symbol from the letter "v", though similar. In contrast, "or" in the sense of "this one or that one but never both" is called "exclusive or" or "xor" and can be symbolized as ⊻ or ⊕. ...


For "and" you could obviously use & or + -- these would be the most intuitive. For "or" something which indicates a "split" might work.... Just need to be careful it doesn't look like "less than"


Don't add the button/link to the page until its ready. It makes your website/client look like they are making overly broad claims, and have no content to back it up. Back up every claim/service/product with a page explaining it. Honestly if you have the time to create an "under construction" page, then its often better to spend 5 minutes more and create ...

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