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Look at what you have. Circle divided in 6 pieces. divide circle into 6 pieces for starter. It is symmetrical by rotation. Draw one piece and copy. the triangle is pointing one side horizontally. This is what you get: Image 1: how i would do it draw circle (mark center out with guides) Draw line at 80 degrees trim lines with shape builder rotate back ...


Email servers often do not understand what the .eps file format is - specifically any binary data. In some cases the server sees them as "executable" files because of internal binary data and due to this the server will often scan the file for viruses and in the process break the file. In order to email an eps file, the best practice is to always ...


It's fairly generous to say this doesn't have any pixelation going on, but it is indeed way bigger than you could normally get. I'm fairly sure that they used HiDPI mode. Original article about enabling HiDPI mode Instructions on how to enable the HiDPI mode: Run this in terminal: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist ...


I have read all valuable answers my answer would be easier - I think Draw the basic shapes and they are a circle and hexagone Align them to the center now break each anchor in the hexagon shape by selecting with the white arroe each anchor and click over cut path at selected anchor points select two by two because if select it all the cut path command ...


You need to separate inner and outer "circle" and Exlude them with Pathfinder tool. If you cant see the light gray shape, you have it below the dark gray object. Before Exclusion — two objects: After exclusion — one object:


This can be done, semi manually, with reasonable effort. In illustrator do this: Take the image you want to make mosaic of and run Object → Object Mosaic... (optional) reduce the color depth in Photoshop before this step (optional) reduce pixel size in Photoshop before this step (optional) make a gradient strip on the image for easy value order ...


My solution using Acrobat only (as it is mentioned in your tags). open your border PDF in Acrobat go to pages > watermark > Add Watermark select file and choose your second PDF text file adjust the scale and the position as you wish and press Ok. save the result to a new PDF

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