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Take a look at this: I have given the link just as example.You have to check the licensing with your font type whether it is available for the particular use or not. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/flat-it/dharma-gothic/licensing.html Font for application uses and see the EULA.


Your use of the font file implies that you aren't re-distributing the font file, as you aren't putting the file itself into your app. Will downloading your app allow me to extract the font file and use it on my own machine? Are you copying the font file as-is into the app? If the answer to either is 'no', then you should have a good case for including it ...


I agree that this is a good font-pairing but will add that the two typefaces are pretty similar, so you could always just use the different weights of one of the typefaces to improve load times on the website and simplify coding. I'm guessing your using Lato in this pairing because it's a little less “straightforward” than Open Sans and has a little more ...


When designing for emails, I go for the lowest common denominator. If a particular font is important, limit it to a few words and make it a graphic. Otherwise, just assume "serif/sans serif" and don't try to design with fonts. There is no way to control or predict what the user will have installed, what email client is being used, or what version of what ...

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