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Graphic trick: Many vector graphic apps let you control the stroke (line weight) that is used to draw a font. You can often change this size of the stroke to make a font heavier or lighter. Affinity Designer does this and I think so does AI. For some apps, you need to convert your type to outlines first.


While I can't answer in this specific situation, the general answer to this question is that not all applications will render the same font the same way. This that affect font rendering include anti-aliasing, kerning, and DPI. There may also be a difference between how an application renders a font on screen vs how it is printed. Try browsing a few web ...


Let's say we've loaded a Bold font variant like so: @font-face { font-family: 'Raleway Bold'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 700; src: url(path/to/font/raleway-bold.woff2) format('woff2'); } I would argue in favour of using both font-family and font-weight in your style specification. For example: h1 { font-weight: 700; font-family: '...


While both ways will give you the correct output, there is a long withstanding industry standard of using a single font-family with different weight and styles. In fact, if you use Google fonts to load Raleway you would be using the single font family route. Let's outline several reasons why this is the better route. It reduces CSS complexity an, ...


This appears to be a Helvetica Derivation. The closest Google Web font to Novencento would be Monteserrat.


Without knowing more about the content of the site, I could see three paths: If the website contain large blocks of educational text, I would look for Legibility and ease of reading Clean lines (free of distraction and emphasizing simplicity) Friendly rather than intimidating One of the more commonly used sans serif fonts would fit the bill here. If ...


From what I can understand, your asking what style of font best characterises the 'ideal' educational institution - respected, safe, knowledgeable. This is a very personal question as the subject of fonts is a very subjective one with many personal responses pertaining to the context of exposure to various graphical triggers. Personally, in educational ...


It's possible that they kept Roboto Draft in the Material Design Guide just to have a fallback. I know I keep previous versions of things hanging around so maybe they decided to keep it as an old version.

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