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Try making your graphic double the size, the retina display of your phone has a bigger resolution than your desktop screen For example, to load a 300x150 logo use a 600x300px image and load it like this: <img src="http://www.youdomain.com/logo600x3000-2x.png" width="300" height="150"> You can also ask to the person doing your website to enable CSS ...


I've noticed this problem as well and it seems to be that mobile browsers compress your images to save on data usage. Chrome on android does this I'm not sure exactly what other browsers do it. Try turning off bandwidth management.


That caused by, lets say, 'compatibility'. There is such think on the web as 'PNG alpha transparency' and specification how browser should show it. Well, shortly, there are lot of ways to make PNG semitransparent, but for web works some of them. While the most browsers should work (http://caniuse.com/png-alpha) there are always exceptions. To test how it ...


If web fonts are not an option, then the answer to your questions is: use whichever you prefer. None of the font stacks you list are like Univers other than they are sans serif. And that can be OK, but it really is a decision you need to make at this point (though, obviously, I hope, you'll not use Comic-sans).


As mentioned in the comments, "web-safe" isn't quite what it used to be. The best way to be "web-safe" is to use a web font. If cost is a barrier, there are many quality free choices. If hosting yourself is a barrier, then you can use Google's services to do it for you for free. If using an external service is a barrier, then you can download free fonts ...


Basically what Baka said in comments, and you acknowledged in your edit. If you can't use web-fonts then the default is sans-serif which will probably be Arial or Helvetica for most of your browsers. You could try using Verdana at the top of the stack. font-family: 'Verdana', sans-serif; But its pretty negligible at that point. Helvetica is actually closer ...

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