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Auto-select is a great tool, but if you need to isolate a specific layer to save it for web with a transparent background, here's the next step. Once the layer is selected, drop down the layer menu (the little arrow in the upper right of the layer palette) and choose Duplicate Layer. Notice at the bottom of the dialog is a Destination field. Drop that down ...


Use the find options at the top of the Layers Panel etc. Narrowing search parameters hides other layers. If you want to see the layers in the layer panel, but not view the other layers in the document window you can Option/Alt-click the visibility icon for the layer, that will turn off visibility for all other layers.


When using the Move Tool (pointer) change the option at the top to be Auto-select "Layer", then you can use Ctrl + Click to select that specific layer. Or just check the box next to that option to always auto select the layer you click on.

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