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If your text is point text, or individual text objects, just use the Distribute Spacing options on the Align Panel You may need to choose Show Options from the Align Panel Menu to see the distribute spacing items.


Other than breaking the text up and distributing groups or letters/words, the justification panel might be able to help: Other software like Corel Draw might be able to provide a better solution, though.


Intentionally blank pages only serve a function in a printed piece (they are leftovers at the end of a form, or sheaf of pages which come in a multiple of four). There's no reason to have them in a PDF. If I were to see a "blank page" in an e-book, I'd assume it was a formatting mistake. Why would you leave it in? Additionally, the only place I've ever even ...


Personally I hate the massive red, blue green or black text saying this page is left blank intentionally. I feel the reader is intelligent enough to see when its a page break and when something is missing. If you feel its necessary, I would just make a faint mark at the bottom saying so. Or what about setting a new icon at the bottom or an illustration ...

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