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Helvetica is the most obvious one... but also: Lucida Grande Gill Sans Futura Menlo Monaco Geneva and Helvetica Neue... Just to name a few of the big ones.


There is not much overlap in fonts except for core web fonts (Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Courier, Comic Sans, Trebuchet). I think a more important question is which fonts you really NEED, are there acceptable susbstitutions, or what is the cost of replacing those. I doubt you need to have all fonts. List of fonts installed with OSX ...


Try starting Photoshop with Shift+Command+Option held down to reset Preferences to defaults (Shift+Ctrl+Alt on Windows).


I found the answer on CS5! on the menu bar, there is an icon with rulers, and a drop down list. Uncheck the items you dont want to show and next time you open an image it will not have the grids, rulers, guides that you have unchecked.

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