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Try to find glasses you like on the Internet. Than, when you remove the curtains just paste "new" glasses into white spaces. Make some tunning and it should be OK.


Today I learnt about a new tool, which "was made just for your question". It was published in 2011 but I am sharing it here, less than one hour after I tested it: Hope this helps, it is an .exe so will probably need Windows.


This a tough one, as Sketch is pretty amazing. Photoshop is currently adding in Sketch-like features, trying to catch up. And Adobe is also, as previously mentioned, now pushing their new Adobe Experience Design app. But, it's Mac only for now. I'd look at signing up for Affinity Designer's Windows beta. (Currently Mac only but just recently revealed that ...


This sounds more like a monitor problem rather than a color management issue. Apple manufactured monitors, laptops and iMacs use IPS LCD display technology that has a very wide color gamut and dark blacks. Most Windows PC monitors use TN LCD technology which has a very poor color gamut and washed out blacks. No amount of color calibration or ...

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