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You can not. Unsaved custom items are stored in temp files. Those temp files are not recoverable.


You can't edit the clipping path directly. Ordinariy, you will have to unset the clipping path (select clipped object, object->clip->unset), modify the path, and set the clipping again. As that may be unsuitable for most cases, one possible work around is to create a clone of the clipping path (edit->clone->create clone), and set the clonned ...


What you are running into is one of the big differences between video and still photography/design. Video's heritage is television, which has very different technical requirements and standards. In video there is no such thing as #000. In the same way, there is no #fff, no #ff000, no #00ff00, etc.. TV and video standards do not permit levels of 0 or 255 on ...


This is actually a function of the font files themselves. A font file can have a face name and a family name, poor developers, or perhaps just inattentive or inexperiences font developers, often apply the face name as the family name. This causes each face to be seen as a separate family. As far as I'm aware, the only way to correct the grouping is to edit ...

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