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The thing with the black and gray walls is more related to verifying printed proofs or for example, calibrating a picture with its version on screen. Yes your yellow walls will affect how you see colors and corrupt your interpretation of them. But you need to keep in mind that if you're not using any proofing system and you plan to approve the proofs at the ...


I'm kinda shocked no one mentioned slide masters and PPT templates (pot / potx). These two PowerPoint features should help make the PowerPoint sufficiently flexible if someone were to edit it later. Infact the whole idea behind these were to build templates. While I'm not very sure of any standard way of doing this, here's how I would go about building a ...


You can also use keynote, which is included in your apple cloud account. I find it to be the best way to design presentations as it has all the deliverables and can be edited. I believe you can also export it as a PPT. Good luck!


I personally would do everything in Photoshop and then put it manually in PowerPoint. In would create a template power point where the user simply could copy and paste all elements onto another PowerPoint file


Another consideration is your client's capacity. Do they have a graphics team? Who will be editing the presentation? What will their audience be for the presentation (i.e., does it matter if it looks awesome? Or is 'good enough' acceptable?)? I doubt they will like to edit a PSD file, and even if you could convert it, they will have issues with properly ...


There is no way to convert a PSD, into a PowerPoint. What you do is you export your graphics assets as PNG to use in PowerPoint. Try to actually bring assets such as logos as fonts if possible. Consider that vector content does not always work so well in PP unless it was created in PP*. It is better if you do most of the designing in PowerPoint itself. ...


I make my own grids in illustrator... cause i also had the same problem with guides... Been working like this for years now and it works for me... All my templates have different colored strokes of grid in them... to guide me - before I design anything I make a grid for it... like this:

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