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You can't, yet. In the current development cycle of GIMP (that's 2.9.x, to be released as GIMP 2.10.x) the foundations for non-destructive editing are laid. It is expected to have this in GIMP 3.x.


Uxpin is not free, but I've used it for sharing interface design and it's worked really well. You can create interfaces dragging elements, it uses Smart Objects, interactions, has a huge library of elements, version control and a nice comment system. Only downside is that every person in the project needs to have an account, which is quite pricey.


Select photoshop → preferences → guides, grids & slices. Define grid as desired Select view → show → grid; then check extras. Check view → snap to grid; then check snap. Turn on the Paths window if it isn’t already visible. Create a new path called Horizontal. Use the pen tool (P). Define a horizontal line segment at the top of the grid. Single click ...


No, this is not possible. You aren't the first to suggest this, but it isn't being worked on at the moment: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=622625


If you would like to move on from the type of drawing you are doing just now to a more detailed image then try posemaniacs.com they have a huge range of 3D built images that show skeleton and muscles - it really helped me to understand the muscles and the different shapes that the body has. Also try this site ...

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