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I'm a young Graphic Designer and a freelance Web Designer living in Auckland, New Zealand. I have 2 years and counting of experience in Graphic Design, and I love to put my mind to work on beautiful designs.

I have many strengths, but I take a particular interest in Web Design. I have so far created 3 Websites. 2 business websites and my personal portfolio website.

My Dad's business website: http://www.eastfieldjoinery.com

My friend's business website: http://www.fcaq-geolotech.co.uk

My Portfolio website: http://stuartnorman.co.nf

I like to use Dreamweaver in the creation of the websites, because I'm a designer not a coder. Although, I do know quite a bit about HTML/CSS, but I would never remember how to code a website from scratch. I do like to look 'under the hood' as it were on existing websites, and I change the codes in Dreamweaver to help get what I want.

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