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I'm a busy web developer / graphic designer / graphic artist working primarily as a member of an in-house advertising / marketing team in rainy Olympia, Wa.

I received a Bachelor of the Arts from The Evergreen State College in '02 - with a focus in the studio arts, that is, painting, drawing and sculpture.

In the almost 10 years since I graduated, I've gotten deeply into web development and application design. I started in on Flash in 2003, and have been actively studying the fine art of programming since. I am today, a reasonably skilled application developer, focusing mainly on AS3, but have plenty of experience with php / html/ css/ javascript / js frameworks. Additionally I have done a bit of work with c# and am in the midst of learning java, with aims at Android development.

I find writing code to be a consistently challenging and ultimately rewarding experience. When a chunk of codes suddenly clicks into place and works... damn... you feel like a wizard. And when it serves the aims of a beautiful or artistically inspired project - the left and the right come together in a pretty sublime balance of form and function. Wonderful stuff!

I am currently working on personal projects at www.joshbosworth.com and www.bosworth99.com, and am aiming at a Master's Degree in Interaction Design from the Unverstiy of Washington in the fall of 2012.

I only recently joined stackoverflow, but have a long history over at www.actionscript.org.

Want to connect? - hit me up @ the facebooks.