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I'm interrested in many things, among them : computer security & networks, scripting, photography (especially spontaneous portraits), nature, relaxation massage techniques, music, etc.

In security I'm completely on the White-Hat side (and still in "larval stage"). I try to keep the information global and using an appropriate langage in relation to the asker(s) aptitude and position. I try to find the behind-the-appearance real cause for a failure/breach/suspicious activity.

In programming, I place portability above all, having to use very old systems where GNU niceties and "common" taken-for-granted features are absent (ex: tar's removal of the leading "/" when extracting files...). I prefer simple to read answers to clever one-liners, especially when the asker seems a beginner.

In Photography, I try to keep it as close to the subject as possible (spontaneous portraits, lack of (or very minimal) editing), and trying to get a global view of the field to find interresting solutions to everyday situations.


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