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comment Is there is a way to see the size of the selection rectangle in Paint.NET
I believe you can see that info at the bottom of the application window.
comment How can I combine multiple PDF files into one?
@Imray Adobe moved a lot of these types of features over to Bridge. Here's a video on that:
comment How to create a Photoshop Action for a tool with user input
If you click the empty box on the left side of "perpective warp" in the actions list, it will stop there and wait for user input.
comment I want to draw but
Despite this question being impossible to answer, here's few websites that offer tutorials for drawing:, Gnomon workshop and Digital tutors. --- There are good resources out there. You can find find many tutorials by googling. Something like: "How to draw hand tutorial", for example.
comment Animate a magazine from InDesign
For what purpose does the client want it?
comment Is math needed for graphic design?
When I was 14, I sucked at math. When I was just a minute ago... I still sucked at math. By the way, I find this question a bit odd and surprising, because most often people seem to be worried about their drawing skills, when they dream of becoming a graphic designer.
comment Is it possible to have multiple blend modes on a single layer in Photoshop?
Also, similar to changing the tool blend mode, you can also duplicate layers and use different blend modes in them. If you want to avoid kind of destructive workflow, you could convert the layer to a Smart object before duplicating, and then apply the blend modes to the Smart objects. Depending on the situation, you can use Layer adjustments instead of Blend modes, to achieve similar results. The idea would be to have multiple Layer adjustments and one picture layer below them.
comment A4 portfolio as a book in photoshop. page compilation?
If you have a chance to use indesign or even illustrator, definitely go with either of them. If you don't have access to those two, you should maybe try Scribus, which is open source. Photoshop just isn't meant to produce multiple pages.
comment Changing the color of a vector created using adobe shape
When you place it into a document, it should stay selected and you should be able to just change color by double clicking the black color fill under the toolbar. I'm assuming you're talking about illustrator, since you've tagged it.
comment How to change stroke width of line in Photoshop CS6?
It's pretty annoying. It's more reliable if you press enter or tab after each time you enter a value.
comment How do I clear the inside of my circles?
Making shapes and using pathfinder may be easier to understand if you remove select all of those shapes, remove the strokes and add fills. You don't need fills to use pathfinder, but the concept of using is easier to grasp with fills. That single line you have, that won't work with pathfinder. It needs closed paths to work. Make that line into a rectangle instead. After you have the solid cloud, remove the fill and add stroke.
comment How to create this a rounded object?
Well demonstrated answer.
comment How to create this a rounded object? Download link for the whole script package is at the top.
comment how to make an image just by its its self with out the blue line and extra space around it on adobe illustrator,
"Hello, is this the doctor? Yes, I have a weird bruise... What is wrong with me?"
comment How to create open page spread appearance in InDesign?
Object > Effects > Gradient feather
comment Best method for going from Photoshop to InDesign with masked text?
I would go with the fastest method and just place the whole image to indesign as it is. Otherwise it would just be generating extra work. Of course I'm saying this without complete knowledge of what you are doing. If each page in indesign would end up being just a raster image and nothing else, then maybe not :)
comment Photoshop layer masks very unpractical when resizing canvas. Is there a better way?
I would use Clipping mask on that.
comment Is that possible to Duplicate a smart object to all open documents?
It is very possible via scripting. I'd suggest you take a look at the javascript reference document as well as the script listener, both of which you can find here. Other sources are the sample scripts and google.
comment Can I use a select number of fonts in Photoshop?
Font manager extension should help with that. For example: Font Hero
comment How to make an area in illustrator transparent?
If it's not an image, you might want to use Window > Pathfinder.