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I'm a UX|IA|Web Designer and developer. I speak Spanish and English.

My most recent project: http://editor.method.ac

comment How typographers make bolder/lighter versions of their fonts?
Does the character need the same number of nodes to be able to interpolate between them? Is this something Fontlab does or is it an open source script? I'd like to see something like this ported to javascript so I'm just looking around but haven't found anything so far.
comment What is a good sequence of projects to learn design?
Thanks for your answer! I'm thinking more of a hypothetical scenario where there's no client involved, and the objective is to learn. I wouldn't say that a personal website is the most easy or simple piece of graphic design you can produce. But a logo isn't either, the good thing is that it serves as a building block to produce more things (stationary, business cards, etc).
comment What programs can be used to make animations?
Mentioning the platform you are using would be of help