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Swedish freelance web developer, economics student and PR rookie. Big believer in the semantic web and emerging web technologies. Experience with mainly Python, PHP, Javascript and Objective C.

comment Avoid cropping “transparent” areas when using logo
Well, sure, but no one is expecting that in this question. The question is based on having defined a center point and wanting that information to be retained when I use the artwork in various other applications.
comment Avoid cropping “transparent” areas when using logo
@horatio The problem here are the other applications which ignore the artboard. I have centered the logo manually (if you will) in Illustrator by adding the appropriate margins; however, applications like Photoshop ignore the imported artboard when aligning the logo. Surely that's a flaw in those (Photoshop, Pages) applications. InDesign, I should mention, does have an option of keeping the "frame", however.
comment Avoid cropping “transparent” areas when using logo
If you look at the files I've linked (the PNG and the PDF) you can see that there's a space above the logo. This is because I made the artboard "bigger". So the information is definitely in the exported files. I want this extra space to be considered when aligning so that the vertical center of the logo is the center of the rectangle and not the center of rectangle + descender.