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I design stuff for Stack Exchange. Also a professional bacon eater.

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comment What is Minimalism in Graphic Design?
@Littlemad as much as I love Minimalism, my point was it's not a style that's suited for every design case. Imagine if you were doing a flyer web site for Chinese New Year festival, a minimalist look isn't not appropriate, nor will it invoke the right emotional response. Less is not More in that case. "Appropriate is more" should be the motto for every design decision.
comment What is the font used in the logo of Stack exchange beta sites?
ohh how did I miss this question. Mike you beat me to it :)
comment Is there a trend away from left aligned web site designs?
@muntoo source? Sites are designed centered aligned these days because of wider monitor ratio. A fixed width site aligned to the left won't look good on a 27" monitor with high resolution.
comment Web-based workflow solutions for graphic designers (hosted and self-run)?
+1 for Dropbox, no more attachments via email
comment How often is the Golden Ratio actually used in modern design?
I believe they have changed the width of the two columns since, Golden Ratio no longer applies. To me, the use was GR was a bit gimmicky. I don't think it works well on the web, at all. Golden Ratio, like many grid systems serves as a guide. As a designer, we need to think about what the best way to present content first, instead of thinking what grid system to choose. (btw I didn't downvote).
comment How to get images' filesizes as low as possible?
@Damon I believe I tested a few times and found FW then png works better. But this may have to do with individual make up of the pngs too.(alpha/#of colors etc).