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Degree: Master of computer science

Professional: Was software engineer for 10 years, developing desktop applications in graphics industry. Then product manager & scrum product owner. Now Director Software Engineering, leading a team of about 50.

Home project: developing and maintaining a mobile app, first released for iOS in 2008. Now available on iOS and Android.

I like nice user interfaces. Things that work. C++. Scrum.

I don't like : Discussions that don't make a difference for the end-user

comment While printing a CMYK file to Adobe Pdf, the CMYK values change
Please explain "print to PDF" what OS are you on? How do you check the CMYK values of the PDF?
comment How to get this blur texture effect in photoshop?
That is incorrect. Photoshop's lens blur can take an alpha channel as 'depth map', thereby modulating the blur radius across the image. See one of the many tilt-shift tutorials, such as this one: tuaw.com/2008/10/07/…