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Sophomore at the University of Ottawa studying computer science.

I write mostly Python, C and C++, and JavaScript for networks and system-level automation, however I've picked up Java by way of school, and dabbled with Haskell and Clojure during a brief FP bender. Picked up Emacs Lisp during a bad editor trip and VimL while recovering.

Former web development with some knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. Current on-and-off web app developer working mainly with Tornado in Python, and Node or Meteor otherwise.

CSS3 wizard/masochist.

comment How to go ahead in web design?
I recommend that you start by basing your design off boilerplates and bootstraps. The Twitter bootstrap and HTML5 boilerplate are good places to start. For eCommerce, there's no point in reinventing the wheel. Try out software like Zen Cart.
comment Merging multiple paths in Illustrator CS6
Compound path did the trick. Thanks!
comment How does one reset Illustrator CS6 on Mac?
I've tried both methods; unfortunately, the problem persists. Is a complete reinstall of Illustrator necessary?
comment Is there any way to save a Web page screenshot with a transparent background?
I'm sure that a few minutes of Googling will wield a practical script; that failing, I'm sure the nice folks at StackOverflow will be more than happy to help you out. Just try to raise your accept rate; 50% is kind of low.
comment Having trouble making a CSS3 background
Thanks for your help so far, that works for the dark grey to light grey gradient. Is there any way to also (simultaneously) include the gradient for the center column? It doesn't show up using the above code.
comment Why are Photoshop CS5.5's blending options suddenly not fully functional for me?
First off, I solved the problem – I just reset Photoshop's preferences file (I didn't lose more than two minutes' keymapping). I am moderately experienced in Photoshop, but far from mastering it. In retrospect, this should be under Graphic Design. And finally, the layers panel looked completely normal, with the layer with styles applied displaying all said styles, on top and "Transparency shapes layer" turned off.
comment How do I embed Google Web Fonts into an SVG?
I'm writing an article on my site about the advantages of new web technologies, among others HTML5, CSS3 and SVGs, one of the advantages of the latter being the ability to select text in what is otherwise effectively an image.