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comment Sketch3: how do you draw a fan shape?
That will work, but depending on how you’re compositing things (and if there’s many items), you might end up with some bad edges due to the way antialiasing is composited.
comment Triple joined path - Photoshop
+1 to Scott’s comment. Depending on your requirements, there are other strategies that can work. Often, non-joined lines will be just fine, even if you need a stroke or fill that looks like it is one object.
comment Sketch3: where is the reflection tool?
It was removed recently.
comment Is there any tool that gives the percentage occupied by an area in an image?
Are you trying to automate the process for 100s of images, or just get an actual value for this single case?
comment How can I thread a compound path through a shape in Illustrator using masks?
Clipping masks and compound paths leave all the points in place (can be edited later, but messier document). Shape builder only leaves the resulting points. Pathfinder can do both. :)
comment How to make a Effect act as transparency in Photoshop?
I really like this approach. If nothing else, it would mean you can use the technique for many icons and use the group to colour them all.
comment how to create a “hard” binary image?
You may also want a Tolerance of 0.
comment What font face is Apple.com using for the title in their Mac Pro subsite/page?
+1 on this. Apple use Myriad Pro for a lot of their site and advertising.
comment Do we have name for these kind of “flat graphics” images?
That style is definitely known as “flat design” by the design community and press in 2012/2013.
comment How to create a printable 2-page CV in Photoshop
I think you'd be far better served by designing your CV in the word processor, InDesign, Illustrator, or pretty much anything that's not Photoshop. :D It's not really intended for this task.
comment Stacking Images Using Photoshop
+1 on this solution. Make sure you take note of the values on the skew (in the options bar at the top of your screen), so you can repeat the process for all images and make them match perfectly.
comment How do I put a photograph inside the letters of a word (like Zero Dark Thirty)?
Command-click definitely works, but results in a bitmap selection, making future edits a little harder and lossless scaling impossible, which is why I've kept the example above as vector shapes... which may not matter, depending on the application.
comment Copying layer from photoshop (linked mask layers?)
And make sure Global Light is the same in the destination document, or the layer styles might look a little strange.
comment How to reset layer style properties in layer styles window in Photoshop?
Those actually sound like the defaults in Photoshop. I'd recommend setting up your own how you'd like. Scott's post shows a screenshot with the "Make Default" button. Set things up how you'd like, and click that.
comment How can I make a screenshot look like a photograph taken of a real surface?
100 screens? Set up a tripod and a way to easily flip through the images, and fly through the job. Just because the technique is analogue doesn't mean it's slow or can't be reproduced for many images.
comment How can I make a screenshot look like a photograph taken of a real surface?
If you need a photo on a concept device, you could take a photo, then corner pin the result. I definitely see your point though — in a situation like that I'd probably just do it all digitally.
comment How to create a shape, in a form of two basic shapes partially substracted?
Amazing answer! GIFs! In addition: “Merge Shape Components” under the Path operations popup menu (the one with Combine Shapes etc) might be of use.
comment Photoshop - Multiple layer styles of the same type
No probs. Unfortunately all the methods will require multiple layers or groups.
comment Photoshop: How to use a non-white background as the basis for semitransparent layers in PNG8 export?
It's also possible to save a PNG24 from Photoshop (24bit RGB with 8bit alpha) and use ImageAlpha to convert that to PNG8 with 8bit alpha. pngmini.com
comment Which Photoshop features are affected by different DPI or PPI tags?
Thanks for the great and very detailed answer, TomUnderhill. Unfortunately e100's right... I'm asking about changes to DPI/PPI where the pixel dimensions remain the same. I've edited the question. Sorry for any confusion.