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comment FontLab Studio and font editing
don't worry! the last thing, tell me if this workflow is right to exchange characters between the Asana Math and the Latin Modern Math Fonts. 1: open the .otf file in fontlab 2: copy the character from Asana Math that i want to exchange and paste it into the Latin Modern Math in the corresponding position, (on the same character but in the Latin Modern Math font) 3: save the modified font as .vbf file 4: open it in fontlab and using the generate font command generate the .otf file than rigth click on it and install.
comment FontLab Studio and font editing
thanks! this "Font \l_tmpb_font has only 8 fontdimen parameters" error what could be caused?
comment What is the best .otf file editor?
thanks ! and with this editors how i can save in .otf ? in the save as command there is not this options