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I am an IT "Jack of all Trades" with experience in graphics design, web programming, and server administration. I've even done some photography and acquired a wide assortment of other skills.

Unfortunately, the majority of my projects and writing are tied up behind my current job's firewall.

One of my public side projects has been working with a local Christian Rock group - Jesus Joshua 24:15. I've been their photographer and webmaster, having built their website as a class project and growing it to their current site. Additionally, I've been their roadie, studio technician, and helped upgrade their recording studio.

I'm not as actively active on any Stack Exchange these days... too many irons in the fire.

I can be found over at my sparsely populated personal blog from time to time and by my Twitter account. For the morbidly curious, there's more about me and my projects over at Wayward Son Developers and on my Careers.SO CV.

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comment Is it ethical to copy the work of other designers?
I agree with your conclusion, but not how you got there - shame is too easily induced where it may or may not be valid. Don't here what I'm not saying - it can also not exist where it ought to be - my issue is purely with ethics via emotional appeal.
answered Colors in PNG inconsistent between Windows and Mac
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