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M.Sc. (computer science) 😻 enthusiast programmer 😻 network administrator / developer in the GameSurge IRC network 😻 Gamer 😻 Concert photographer (mostly metal)

For anyone who considers looking for my email address and emailing me about his programming problem like this guy:

I just came across your profile on Stackoverflow. I hope this isn't
too intrusive but I desperately need some help with Python.
I'm new to programming and I'm currently trying to tackle two very
basic questions which I'm seriously struggling with.

NO, I will NOT help you in private. The fact that my website is not a programming site or personal technical blog should be reason enough for you not to use its contact form (or an email listed there) to contact me.

comment Is there a simpler solution than Photoshop for web development?
If you need JavaScript for your design something is very wrong.
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